Hello, can someone please tell me the simplest/ easiest way to put my gia stocks into my new isa with the least risk of losing held shares.
Thank you.

Sorry cant really help you… I was told the only way to do it was to use the chat, enter amount and dob and wait… obviously they can only move settled/available cash.
I had to sell, wait to settle then wait more for the move… no idea if there is a quicker way of doing it. I did lose out due to fees for selling, conversion fees, and share prive diffrerence… i dont see any ither way of doing it sorry.

Thanks I wanted to see if there was another way of trying to keep my losses to a minimum. But it seems that’s the only way. Thank you for the reply.

You can’t transfer shares from GIA to ISA, as the poster above mentioned you need to sell them and rebuy them in the ISA.

Yes, there’s no other way of doing it. It’s not freetrade’s call - you can only deposit cash into any type of ISA. Some brokers will support transfer of shares from one ISA to another, but there’s no legal route for getting shares from a non-ISA account into an ISA, other than selling, depositing cash, and re-buying.

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