GIA to my ISA

I’ve just started trading and I messed up.
I started with a GIA but need to use the ISA.

Can I transfer?
Will I have to sell my shares?
Can I transfer the balance from my GIA it my ISA if I sell?

Please help!

I think the easiest way is to yourself sell the shares and withdraw it, then deposit it again to your ISA. This is because although :freetrade: can move the money between the two accounts if you sell the shares, they can’t move the shares themselves. Otherwise it would be a little too easy for people to reduce their tax bill if they bought some shares that did well. I believe this is a government restriction and not something Freetrade impose.

Though :freetrade: can move the money, it’s a fully manual process. Selling, waiting the roughly 2 to 3 business days for settlement, withdrawing the cash yourself and then depositing it again would likely be faster. Especially if you can use Google or Apple Pay to deposit it once you’ve received it.


Thanks I was looking for the same info

I’m going through this at the minute.

It’s a long old process especially right now with the delay on new deposits and the withdrawals too - but if you have the money to ‘float’ your ISA balance whilst you wait for your GIA balance to hit your bank account, I think it’s the quickest way too.

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