Topping up isa

Can I transfer money from my gia to my isa or do I have to top the isa up directly from my bank

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At the moment you cant transfer from GIA to ISA so you will have to transfer from your bank.

I’ve had Freetrade transfer money from my GIA to ISA before? could be worth emailing them, unless something has changed recently?

you can still transfer from GIA to ISA as I understand (by emailing Freetrade), but I believe you’ll have to sell your stocks, freetrade will only transfer the cash in the account.

so its possible its just as fast selling down your GIA, withdrawing the money yourself and topping up your ISA. If you’re looking to do it before the new tax year, you don’t have enough time.

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Did it take long to transfer

Took a few days :slight_smile:

I sold most of my holdings today to fund my ISA, as soon as the the sell order went through i fired off a email asking for the cash to go to my ISA, completley forgot you have to wait a couple of days for it to clear, also forgot to check if one of my stocks was eligible for the ISA and it wasn’t so had to quickly buy back. Makes me feel a bit panicky watching most of my stocks go green today, might be a small loss once i’ve bought them back but they are all up from the original buying price and i know this is for the best, especially when they all go to the moon and i sell without HMRC getting a big slice.

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