Transfer from GIA to ISA

Hi, anyone know how I can transfer from my General Investment Account to my ISA Account today? Not getting any response on the App and need cash to hit ISA today to make the tax window

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@horner84, the only way to transfer from GIA to ISA is by selling in GIA and re-purchasing them in your ISA account that is not possible on a bank holiday.
alternatively, is it get loan, fund ISA today and re-pay them as soon as you can.

I believe you’re asking about a cash transfer, not transferring shares from the GIA to your ISA. The latter isn’t possible and this is no fault of Freetrade. I believe that the former could be done directly by :freetrade: staff for you, but it’s a manual process and obviously wouldn’t happen on a bank holiday. Realistically, it’s fastest to withdraw and then deposit again. Withdrawals are not instant though.

Though instant withdrawals and deposits would be better, you should be aware of timescales and that staff don’t typically work on bank holidays.

Thanks for the responses. I did mean transferring cash from GIA to ISA and support managed to do it for me, turns out they do work bank holidays so very happy. Thanks again

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#horner84 how do you contact FT on the cash transfer, please?

@horner84 h
Where did you contacted FT on the cash transfer from GIA to ISA, please?

Through the In App chat Holly.