Moving from GIA to ISA

I currently have a GIA with Freetrade.
Is the only way to move my portfolio into an ISA by selling everything and then buying it again the next day?

What are the implications of this?

Or is it better to open the ISA buy everything again with new cash and then sell everything in the GIA.

Noob looking to learn. Thanks!!

Freetrade will need to confirm their approach but you might be able to ‘Bed and ISA’

I’m confused what this bed and breakfast means in reality. I get what it’s for but not how it works

IStupid name for an easy process.

Sell… and buy.

From the GIA to, in this case, ISA

If you ignore the market making spread narrowing nonsense - that’s it. Sell. Buy.

It’s usually done without you needing to make 2 trades. It’s usually a single instruction you give to your provider. But it’s unclear how Freetrade will handle this type of order. You may simply have to sell and buy. Two trades. Two fees. Fine if your stock is liquid.

Probably best to let Freetrade detail their process. Hopefully things will become clearer for you.

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Ah ok! Thanks for the help

It would be great if this process could be automated and key information like gains etc could be retained.

I would still consider myself as a junior with a small portfolio (monetary value) hence why I didn’t go for the ISA with its fee, but as u users portfolios start to grow I expect this to be raised more frequently.