Non isa account

I have an account and was gonna open a £3 a month isa account… can I put my shares I currently own in it?


You’ll have to sell the shares, deposit cash into the ISA, and buy the shares again inside the ISA. New contributions to any ISA can only be made in cash.

Ok thanks for your help… so the cash from the current shares would need to go back to the bank and then put into the Isa?


Yes, unless you have spare cash available to pay straight into your isa

selling your shares, waiting for the cash to settle, transferring cash into the isa and re buying the shares will probably take around 5 days

Can’t you transfer cash directly from Freetrade GIA to Freetrade ISA?

You can’t directly perform a cash transfer from a GIA to ISA yourself, but you can ask customer support to make the transfer for you. If you use the “Contact Us” option in the app, and start a new conversation, there is an option displayed called “Move cash between GIA and ISA”.