Transfering Stocks and Shares to Freetrade

Can someone please tell me if its possible or if there is a process for transferring my stocks and shares from my Bank’s Investment account over to free trade

If you’ve got an ISA with the another provider use the following link:

If it’s not an ISA, I believe you would have to sell the stocks and shares you own, then top up your Freetrade account, with the funds generated from the sale, and then repurchase the same stocks and shares for free in your Freetrade account.

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Transfer requested on 02/01/2024, shares in my Freetrade account today.

Cannot grumble with that service!


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Nice one

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Does anyone know how to transfer your stocks from the GIA to an ISA on freetrade?

Legislation doesn’t allow you to transfer shares from a GIA into an ISA I’m afraid. You would need to sell and transfer the cash.

Thats a bit ridiculous.

Do you know how to transfer cash between accounts in that case?

Thats HMRCs ruling not Freetrades.

To transfer cash just use the app to message support, mine was completed in a number of hours last time I did it.

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Yeah appreciate its an HMRC thing, just annoying re selling then re-buying and incurring FX or fees in the process