Stocks & Shares ISA - Freetrade vs Moneybox

Hi all
This may have been discussed before so I apologise.
I have a Moneybox stocks and shares ISA currently with only £150. £20 a month goes in. I fully understand it’s not a huge amount and it’s a long term investment. But return/profit i feel is low. Made £7 profit and £4 fees since joining. So £3 profit.
What is FT isa like? I know is free for a month then £3 a month? Would the amount of money I put in off set the fee? Would unmake any profit?
What’s the numbers look like for others?

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I hope someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but it would probably make more sense to just use the general investing account rather than the ISA with Freetrade, given that you aren’t anywhere near being able to earn a taxable amount of interest. Save yourself the £3 a month until you have a bigger pot of money then transfer it to an ISA.


Yep. I think it make sense to build up your portfolio using the free GIA account when you’re just starting out. There is a Capital Gains Tax allowance of £12,000 in the UK anyway.

I hope FT implements a facility to allow investors to easily transfer their GIA portfolio to ISA without selling stocks and buying them back again. I’m not sure what the rules are to facilitate such transfer. I only know that ADRs such as Alibaba and Baidu (which are included in GIA) are not eligible for ISA accounts.

You can only contribute cash to an ISA, you can’t transfer stocks from a non-ISA account to an ISA account. The best Freetrade can do is make the selling and re-buying automatic and behind the scenes for you, but it has to happen at some fundamental level.

It’s still free! We’re working on implementing the charging feature, and we’ll communicate well in advance about when the £3 charge will roll out. When it does, ISA will be a premium feature. We don’t plan to do a free month as of now.

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Hello Paul, I have a moneybox isa too as well as freetrade and it’s performing great at the moment with it been up 21% this past year alone with fees of £24.I have set my allocations myself though to be more aggressive and high risk. And I think I will keep them separate for now just not to put all me eggs in one basket, as we are told diversify. Same with my pensions, I have two in pensionbee and keep my work one separate.


Cheers mate, thanks for advice.
Yes I have set my own opinions in moneybox and they are doing good. I’ve not yet seen it dip below minus yet. In in middle ground for investment. Should I go aggressive? Maybe for the money I invest it’s not worth it.
I think i’ll Open a new Freetrade one also and keep them separate. As I’m not putting huge amounts in only £20 a month it sometimes eats the profit.

The problem with Moneybox are the fees. If you choose a lower risk portfolio the 0.45% fee will eat a lot of your returns. These percentage fees also grow as your portfolio grows.

I haven’t looked at the different options on Moneybox but it’s likely that you’ll find similar funds which are available on Freetrade for free…


In my opinion I think if your saving for the long term even, even if its a small amount go aggressive high risk as the history shows the stock market keeps going up. OK there will be times when it falls and falls hard and the hope is its not at the time you want to cash in. But if it does you should still be up more than a Conservative approach.

Ps I use moneybox just on round ups too and leave it there to forget about.
I used to have a Hargreaves lansdown account and was invested in Neil Woodford fund!!! But luckily I noticed it was under performing 3 years ago and withdrew my money and now have it with fidelity.