Beginners query

Hi, I am about to start using Freetrade. Have few questions as a beginner:-

  1. Where can I get the list of all stocks/shares/funds available to ONLY the normal account? I got a list but could not figure out which ones are for PLUS and which ones are for normal account
  2. If I just create a Freetrade account and don’t do any transactions or fund my account, even then my monthly charges will start the moment I activate the account?
  3. If I open the account with referral link, will the free share credited to ISA, if I only open the ISA account, nothing else.
    Any advice on the above queries will help.
  1. There is a list on the website, if that helps. There is also a spreadsheet flying about, I’ll link it if I find it and it is up to date. Full list of US & UK stocks and ETFs to invest in | Freetrade

EDIT: FOUND IT! Freetrade Investment Universe - Google Sheets

  1. If you open an ISA or get a PLUS account then you’ll be charged even if account is not funded. You won’t be charged anything for the GIA.

  2. I believe free shares are only added to the GIA, due to ISA deposit limits. I think you get a GIA for that. You can then sell the free share and move the money to the ISA if you want it there.


Thank you so much David for your quick reply. Much appreciated.
Does it mean I can open the GIA and transfer some fund there. and later on I can open ISA account? Charges will be applicable when I open the ISA account. Is this assumption correct?
As you suggested, if I sell the free share and move the money to ISA, do I have to declare that to the Govt through Self Assessment? Suppose the person don’t do self-assessment and only do the ISA within permitted limits.

Yes, I do think that opening the GIA and trying Freetrade out first is beneficial before you open an ISA. Then you can open the ISA at any point. I think the ISA is very good before you start investing seriously, imo and not financial advice though.

You don’t need to declare the free share, it is just a gift and not capital gain.

Thank you once again for clarifying my questions.

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