Gain/Loss on Portfolio 📈

Cool new feature on the app which shows your portfolio growth:


My only question is does this figure include the fees I’ve paid for instant trades?


Yeah apparently I’m up by £369, I know that’s not correct cos I keep tabs on it. I’m up about £130. So my question is, how is this been calculated?

This is a awesome addition. My portfolio is down a lot at the moment.

Anyway I wonder how it’s calculated?

Does it include dividends for instance? I just checked and it doesn’t seem to be including dividends.

Yeah I’d be interested to know that. It should be a simple calculation of value - cost I would think.

Is this for iOS only as I havent got it

iOS only for now, Android on the way very shortly.

Also coming to Portfolio graphs.


Also how does it work for free shares? Are they added to the gain completely or only the gain in price since you acquired it?

Edit: it treats it as if you purchased it, and only the gain/reduction in value since you got the free share is included towards this figure

Also would be cool if it changed when you changed the time frame

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I think it does need to be reworked slightly. I did a deposit of £100 this morning and it was included in my “Up by”. I’m not “Up by” anything on that, I’ve simply put it in to my account. On my investments I am up £152 but it’s saying I’m up £252 due to the £100 I deposited.


Looking forward to it coming to Android. I created my own spreadsheet to track everything using formulas, I just put in transaction details. Would be interesting to see how it compares.

I haven’t bought any US shares, so I haven’t tested the FX “costs” part yet

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Nice feature but im not sure its correct for me. Would be good to click on it and get a more detailed breakdown

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I’m guessing that’s what it used with mine , my monthly top ups ? It’s definitely not right anyhow useless to me unless it’s corrected.

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Would be good to get a breakdown as based on what I’ve deposited and the current value of my stock I should be +£150 but it says I’m up +£120. I think I’ve bought 1/2 instant trades, so unsure where the other £30 is.


Should be quite easy to correct. Just a different calculation. It’s amazing that they’ve put it in. It’s something I’ve been asking for months. Also it’s a beta feature, which is why we’re here. To correct it and work with them on new features :smiley:


Love that this feature has been added, but it does need to reflect true growth. From my perspective that means:

total value - total money in (so divs count as growth, value increases count as growth, fees, taxes etc count against growth), is that what we have now?

Please can we have a breakdown of how it is calculated currently?


Really like it! Would like to see % though as well and would like to see the number change according to the time period selected (as in I am up x the last 7days and y the last month)

Is available cash included in the calculation?

Not sure I would necessarily agree with this. If dividends are paid and then withdrawn to your bank account I wouldn’t count them on the growth figure.

To me the useful growth figure is the £ +/- return that still exists in the Freetrade portfolio. Hence net deposits are used in the sum.


Portfolio Return or “P/L” profit and loss should be the value of your shares
then second balance needs to be dividends
then we need a 3rd blance for all cash on account

With dividends i feel this needs to be more than just being in your activty tab as there is more to dividends than just the latest payment but instead have its own “Dividends tab”
with charts for each monthly dividends how much each company pays ex-dividend dates upcoming dividends,how often the company pays the list goes on which is why it needs its own Dividends tab.


Would be great to see % change of the period as well, you could make it “tappable” (amount vs %) to save screen space.

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I can’t see it… I feel left out. :frowning:

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I also find Portfolio graph confusing, for example why is it always green? I can never understand how I’m doing overall