Capital Gains Return

Would like to see my Capital Gains return by days, month, and year display as well.

At the moment you can only view Since You Began Investing.

Is this something that can be implemented immediately?

The chart on the app shows the gain in the value of your portfolio. Capital gains would not be calculated until shares are sold and gains or losses are crystallised.

If you added your holdings on Yahoo Finance you can see the daily and total gains on there until Freetrade build in this function.

I haven’t noticed yet but if you get a dividend and buy another share with it, so it never leaves your account, does the portfolio count that as a gain? Or is it only the live share gain in value? Same if you withdraw profit, does that get calculated or just not include?
I know it is probably written somewhere but I couldn’t find in a quick look.

yes and i would like to be able to narrow it down to per day, month, and year. Not just max returns?

And Freetrade should built this basic feature?

There’s a whole separate tax for dividends. But the personal allowance for dividends in the UK is £2000 per year, so you’re probably OK unless you have some serious stocks already.

The US trading platform I use sends me a message every time I get a dividend, and I can download a PDF for it if I need it for tax declarations. I’ve not had a dividend via freetrade yet, so I’m not sure how it works here.

what you on about? lol im not talking about taxes on dividends.

Im talking about the Display features to see how much your portfolio has earnt between 1 day 1 month or 1 year. Not just the entire time you’ve invested.

I was specifically replying to this, and because I was reading the post that was titled “Capital Gains Return”, I thought it was about working out how much tax to pay. It’s that time of year, after all.

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It would be wise to do some reading about the terminology used as it can cause some confusion when words are used incorrectly.

Capital gains for example relate to profit made on the sale of shares - not the value of the portfolio.

Money earned would suggest income that had been derived from the investments - ie dividends. It would not relate to the value of the portfolio.

I’m not trying to criticise - just help :slight_smile: