How do I check individual share performance

I only use FT for my ISA.

What annoys me is the way that FT presents information to me, or more accurately doesn’t. I am active in the markets, but even if I was a buy and hold investor I would have the same problem. If my portfolio went down by x%, how do I see which shares are contributing to my loss. I don’t want to go through 20+f shares and try to work out from a % movement on a little chart and then separately have to apply my investment amount. Are you kidding me?

Only a fool who wants to lose their money just buys, closes their eyes and hopes for the best. Every investor needs to manage their portfolio. Chop out the dead wood, recycle your capital, put it in the assets that are going to give you the best return.

How do I find this information on FT, as the default screens they give me are simply meh


This bothers me too. FT shows lifetime growth, but it would be handy to toggle between 24h, 7d, 1m, etc.

Personally I track my stocks separately in a spreadsheet but ideally long term I can’t be the only one who wants a quick overview in the app itself.


unless you are performing advanced portfolio analysis, in 2020 you should not be having to separately track your portfolio in a spreadsheet

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I’d like to be able to sort by daily gain/loss, so I can see easily if anything has made a big move today


I am no brain surgeon BUT I can almost guarantee that you guys will get your wish from Santa,but not this Christmas maybe next as the saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”:santa::adult:t5:‍:christmas_tree::mrs_claus:

You can set up your portfolio list in HL or Yahoo finance for example and then filter by daily/total loss gain; market cap etc etc. I find this very helpful.

I had this basic information on share dealing platforms 15 years ago. It’s not rocket science, but rather demonstrates that the system builders were techies without investing experience.

Knowing the £ contribution to gain or loss is paramount to investing and portfolio management. Having to do it externally and manually in 2020 is primitive


It would be nice to hear from someone at Freetrade regarding this post.

You should create a new idea for this

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