Portfolio Tracking

Hi all,

I have been investing for a while but only recently started using Freetrade. Whilst the portfolio tools in the app are good for an at a glance view of performance, I prefer to have something more detailed.

Having entered all of my Freetrade portfolio in to my tool of choice, Portfolio Performance, I have found it to be working well enough to recommend it to this community. I didn’t see it mentioned elsewhere in the forum so decided to open a new topic on it. It is an open source project so this is not a sales pitch or paid shill.

It does have a steep learning curve but once you find all of the features that are buried under the surface, it becomes a very powerful reporting tool.


Very, very cool. Going to have a play around with it. Seems a bit fiddly to start with, so will see how quick the learning curve is!

Let me know if you need any pointers. Most of the good stuff is not obvious.

I don’t usually like external tools but i used wallmine recently and kind of liked it. They give away lots of stuff for free as well, like proper screener, analyst ratings etc.

Really hope FT will develop an API to share the holdings wiht other fintechs at some point. Putting transactions in manually is a pain.


+1 to the API, specifically an OpenBanking API so that I could track my FreeTrade alongside my bank accounts in any of the budgeting/money tracking apps

You can’t do it through open banking.

Amen brother :pray:

…your pain is shared… daily


Just seen one of you guys has given it a 5 Star rating on the App store (mentioning Freetrade!), so will give this a go.

+1 on the API

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