[Feature Request 🔧] Portfolio Tracker

I’ve spent the best part of this week looking for, and then building, a portfolio tracker to help me analyse and track my investments, dividends etc.

It would be massively useful if there was an app based portfolio management feature or even a web based version. Perhaps this is something that could be offered as part of the Alpha premium membership?

There are plenty of platforms such as Yahoo Finance, Sharesight, Hargreaves Lansdown and Citywire who offer these tools, sometimes at a cost, but why not have this in the same place as your investments?!

There’s definitely a real demand for this, I’ve seen countless threads on this forum, such as this one and including my own.

Here’s what I’ve built this weekend…

Hi, your spreadsheet looks amazing. Do you implement your dividend yield manually?

How did you get the mini chart of each stock? Is this a function?

Thanks @TareqA02 I’m glad you like it, I built it this weekend. No, I used an XML function to pull the data from Yahoo Finance

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@SpyrosL that’s right, it’s called the SPARKLINE function

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Could use Finki.io


Welcome to the community Tareq. :+1:

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Looks great! Do you happen to have a template for it?

Ah, is it okay if you could share your google sheet portfolio. Your sheet is better than mine as it has more details, its also better than mine lol :see_no_evil:

Sure, once I’ve finished building it I’ll share it - I’m almost finished!


Hi Mani
Nicely done, will helpful to have good free portfolio tracker for UK shares. I could not find a good free such tracker.

Thanks, I’m glad this idea is getting support. I think it will only enhance the experience on Freetrade so everyone wins!!

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This is such a great idea! A portfolio tracker should definitely be incorporated in the Freetrade app.

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This is what I created nowhere as good as above but it works I guess

FT Tracker

Yellow areas the user can edit. You will need to copy over file to you account.


That’s pretty good @Hydra_King not far off what I ended up with!! I’m hoping to finish mine this weekend. Also hoping it’s not too long until the good folk at Freetrade actually make it a feature :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Hi, anyone here knows formulas for dividend yield and dividend per share formulas for google sheets? Many thanks

I’ve started using https://wallmine.com/ and am finding it really useful with market value, total cost, dividend tracking, plenty of graphs breaking down sector, geography, allocation etc. I enjoyed using google sheets for a while but found it getting clunky as my portfolios grew. Holifolio looked good as well but found its often unreachable which is a shame - the guy developing it is in the forum and has some good ideas, I am sure he will improve the service in time.


This looks interesting and helpful, thanks. I started building my own portfolio tracker in google sheets and I feel so good about it, yet it is missing some key data

Wallmine looks really good, thanks. It would be great if Freetrade links with it via Plaid.

Is there a way to add transactions after you open a manual portfolio?


Few more details - its free for a starter so no impact on profit :slight_smile: Once you add a ticker to your portfolio you can then add buys/sells manually. It will also add dividends received automatically so you can track them, and it benchmarks for you too and shows profit made/lost (that screenshot is kinda a horror show at the moment with COVID…needs a not safe for life warning :smiley:

Clicking on a ticker takes you to an information page on it including news, eps, yield etc through I haven’t explored that side much yet as busy adding all my investments in-between work.

Hopefully a lot of the features will eventually wind their way into Ft but I assume way down the priority list for now.

Edit. One little feature I like is the notes column on transactions, so you can jot down which account it was on, or whatever else is important to know for the transaction.

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