Sites and tool to track portfolio

I am looking for a site or some tools to track my investment portfolio, I add to my investments every month and it is tricky to track how things are going, dividend payments etc…

What do you use?

p.s most I find tend to be for US stocks and my portfolio is mainly UK listed companies

The best paid service imo is simplywallst
They offer a 2 week trial and its like 50 quid a year after that I think.

Haven’t came across any decent ones that are free yet.


If you do not fancy paid for services, WeBull is a great app which take care of things you mentioned


Where can you input your holdings on WeBull Vlad ?

Google Sheets and finKi API for the win.


seems to be US only and now portfolio tracker

this is not bad for UK stocks and ETF’s

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Nine dots in the main menu, then click on Portfolio, then you can add. It is a bit unintuitive when you do it for the first time, but then you get used to :slight_smile:

The app’s target market is, of course, the US but for tracking they support most of the US and UK securities. Everything I invested in so far was on WeBull as well.


got it working… looks really nice (and includes dividends)… thank’s!

thanks to Vlad for the webull tip… great site


Is this on a tablet?
I use it on my mobile, I also use wallmine

on my laptop - macbook air

Recently came across ShareSight:

They’ve got a good way to input transactions manually, but still don’t support many UK funds.

I think my major beef with most tools is the limited number of investments they support. A significant proportion of my portfolio is in OEIC / unit trusts, which aren’t exchange-traded, so can’t really use any exchange APIs for them. None of the tools I’ve seen is perfect, and even less so for the passive investment crowd.

I’m curious to know what the people here expect from such a tool?

I do a lot of work with OEICs and UTs… so let me know what you need and I’ll see if I have it or I’ll build it for you… Drop me a message

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All my dividends are shown incorrectly on Webull.
For example CTY should be GBP 0.0475 but on Webull is GBP 0.000475. It’s the same with all my dividends.
Are you having the same problem ?

@Richard It’s in GBX. Effectively GBP in pennies. Really annoys me having to move a few decimals…sometimes its really confusing! Don’t know another exchange that does it

Hi Shane

It doesn’t make sense to me. CTY should be 004.75p or £0.0475 ? Shown as 0.000475 so useless for portfolio performance ?
It’s probably me not understanding :blush:

I don’t think it can be edited.

You have me really puzzled now :joy: This seems correct. It seems some sort of GBX/GBP mix-up. Sorry I can’t help more I don’t use GBX and refuse to haha. Hopefully someone can chime in here and help you, perhaps a user of this portfolio tracker.

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My mind is frazzled :joy:

Just logged into Webull on desktop and City is valued in pence ie 420.00p and dividend have been recorded as pounds ie £0.0475 but it’s actually pence and then shows as 0.000475 in portfolio. It’s strange that depending how you view it can be pounds or pence stock values. Totally useless for real portfolio return unfortunately.
However Vlad is a Guru and I bet he’s not having the problems I am :joy:

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