Portfolio Management

What do people use for managing their portfolio? Any recommendations?

I have been using excel but thinking of moving to a proper tool, I’m aware of the following:

  • Sharesight
  • Wallmine
  • Simply Wall St

I use Sharesight and I love it

I also tried Simplywallstreet and it is good, especially the graphics and analysis they do for stocks but for pure portfolio management Sharesight is much better. Benchmarking, performance, taxable income and diversity reports are my favourite features, makes life so much easier.

I use a spreadsheet and Google Finance

cheers, seriously considering Sharesight. If only Freetrade would make it easier to get the data out.

If you get a spreadsheet of individual trades it should be really easy to input, just fit it into their template and upload it. After that it is still better to add trades manually.

Or you can add “opening balance” trades using the monthly statement from Freetrade (only no of shares and value) but it doesn’t give you the option to see past performance and add it to reports which is pretty nice.

The FT portfolio manager (or the IC version which is more or less the same thing, just in a different colour)

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Google Sheets.

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works everytime