[Feature Request 🔧] Simply Wall Street Analytics Linkage

Hi Freetrade,
I would like to make a suggestion that you create a quick link to display our portfolios in simply wall street as other brokers are doing it as their analytics are great, and it is time consuming entering all my purchases manually.
Kind regards,

This would be awesome.

Robinhood does it, and it would save me a heck a lot of time!


Agree, the competition are already using it.
Will make it much easier for users to research stocks, keep track of dividends etc.
I also think the quality of the analysis they provide will be very hard to beat and difficult to replicate.


Simply Wall Street are good but don’t really have any analytics on ETF’s or Trusts which is a bummer if you have those in your portfolio.


I agree, there isn’t much information on ETF’s. However, these are generally a tad safer investments as they track the index and most funds have a professional fund manager.
It does however display your capital gains and dividend returns for these so allows you some insight into past performance, future expectations etc.
I can’t currently think of a better alternative unless Freetrade develop one.
I do think it will be handy for the mean time.


This is definitely getting my vote, up till now I’ve been manually updating any changes to my portfolio :smiley:


Just started using Simply Wall Street to track capital gains and dividend income.
I only have ETF’s and Investment Trust in my Freetrade ISA.
Impressed !

I do like their Ideas page where you can define what kind of companies you’re looking for

I like this idea I’ve not long had my SW account and I love it!

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Is anyone subscribed to the payed service of Simply Wall Street ?

Yes I have the investor plan, it’s less than £5 a month. If your interested I can refer you ? I think we both get some £ credit.

Yes I have the investor plan, it’s less than £5 a month. If your interested I can refer you ? I think we both get some £ credit.

What benefit does the investor plan have over the free one?

This would be pretty cool :smile:

I use the free version; came across it as they get featured quite a lot on Apple’s News apply.

Learner Plan

10 company views per month
6 companies per portfolio
1 portfolio


Investor Plan

Unlimited company views
Unlimited portfolio analysis
3 portfolios
Stock Screener

Thanks, just looked at the app again and I think I’ll be alright for now. Thanks to the free shares I now have over 10 in my portfolio, but I can always look at stuff without having to add it.

£85 per year also works at around £7 a month, unless your referal brought it down to less than £5 (but even then I’m guessing it’ll only last a year). Maybe once I’ve built a bigger portfolio it’ll come in handy.

They were offering it for £59.90, discounted so I thought, bargain I’ll have that! :grinning:Yes it’s a 12 month subscription.

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I assume this integration will come with the API but it’d be great to see a way to do it sooner!

Pazza was it all up front for SWS? I’ve 5 days left of the trial and 2 weeks after that to choose if I want the investor plan. Really great site

I did the trial it then gave me a period of time counting down to get the investor plan for under £60. Bargain I thought, already made some sound choices from it like POLY.