Freetrade integration with Yahoo Finance

Hello there!

I have been using Freetrade for a while now, and I believe that the service is amazing. However, when it comes to insights about the company I use Yahoo Finance. YF offers a linking system to other brokerages, like Robinhood and many more. Having the ability to link my Freetrade account to Yahoo Finance would better help me analyse my investments and track their progress. I also believe there are other individuals who might be interested in such integration.

Oooo. I’d much rather see Freetrade do something like this rather than reinvent the wheel and create their data for the app.

Yahoo Finance is a miracle - a Yahoo product that’s good!


I also agree, to manage portfolio properly

This would resolve all of my portfolio management difficulties, and probably some I haven’t even thought of yet. Great idea!

Agree. I like the feature that pulls up related news articles from various providers for the stocks currently in my watchlist. Also the earnings call calendar. Useful for keeping up to date with the latest company / sector developments. If FT could implement this in house :ok_hand:t4: