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Hey there,

This morning I began the pain of trying to input all my holdings into Yahoo finance because I find the FT app pretty poor when viewing the performance of my portfolio.

Has anyone had any success using Yahoo? after inputting data from FT it always comes out different, not to mention the whole confusing currency issue when it comes to cost on international stocks.

I’d like FT app to just be better but seems every thing will be coming with a fee from now on.


Edit: Yahoo now has a widget for IOS too :slight_smile:

Yahoo Finance is excellent IMO.

For US stocks just use the price per share on your contract note in $. Don’t convert it to GBP

Yahoo can’t deal with dividends and is a bit of a pain to adjust if you sell some of your holdings

I use “My Stocks Portfolio & Widget” on Android

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Actually I recommend the “Stock Events” App on the Google Play Store. It quite helpful and definitely need check it out

I like Yahoo - I use it for Market news, notifications of price alert (shame it doesn’t do sound)

Thanks for the advice! I have stocks I bought from FT such as AMD back in mid 2019 and the contract note doesn’t feature $ which is fairly annoying :frowning:

I’ll keep working at it!

I use it, I input all my stocks in and it’s usually showing the same as FT give or take a few pennies. Though it doesn’t account for any cash in your account. The main issue I have with it is my overall profit/loss on Yahoo is way off and says I’m up like 900% and I’m not sure how to fix it. I mainly use it to monitor daily performance, check live price movements, market news and see what people are saying about the stocks in the discussion sections though there is a lot of spam in those.

I had a similar issue and found changing the portfolio currency to something different then back again resolved it

You can add cash.

Add holding $$CASH.

Put price per share as 1.

Put number of shares as the amount of £’s you have in your account.

Ohhh okay cool didn’t know you could do that, thanks!

Yahoo Finance fans beware if you hold UK mutual funds: some prices are stale. Eg Vanguard Lifestrategy funds say last updated 7 July!

Getting prices for UK mutuals is clearly a brittle thing - Google Finance had problem with them for years.

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