Best free cross platform portfolio tracker

Since entering your holdings manually is such a faff, I don’t want to have to do it multiple times so I was wondering what services people can recommend for tracking prices and holdings that has both an Android app as well as either a Windows app or browser version?

Being able to enter my holdings once then monitor on both my phone and computer would make my life far easier.

Interested to see thoughts on this.

I’m currently using Yahoo Finance. It’s not perfect, but I like the notifications and it does a good job of collating news stories for your holdings (although they’re largely written by 3rd parties including the likes of Motley Fool, so take with a pinch of salt).

It also displays the portfolio in GBP which the likes of SeekingAlpha unfortunately, doesn’t.


I’ve just signed up and entered my stuff onto Yahoo, seems really good. Only feature I really wish it had was price alerts. I’m guessing it doesn’t offer it as can’t find it anywhere?

Any suggestions for price alerts?

Yahoo Finance does offer price alerts, but sadly not for the UK stocks.

Ah really? Where do I find that feature? Most of my stocks are US so that’s not a massive killer for me.

Sorry to get your hopes up, I have the iOS version - this version has a bell with a + on the stock screen.

Have you turned on alerts? I think yahoo notifies of significant moves irrespective of specific price alerts.

I think Yahoo is pretty good, but with a couple of caveats:

  • the % growth numbers are sometimes a bit weird - either temporarily after you’ve entered a trade, or where you’ve sold a holding down to nothing.
  • the bigger caveat is the accuracy of pricing data for UK mutual funds (if you hold any of those). I have one that has not updated since 26 July! Mind you, Google finance doesn’t get any price data for UK mutuals any more, so this failing isn’t uniquely Yahoo’s.

The Financial Times has a portfolio manager which I find to be excellent. They also have an ETF hub now too. I used it for years free, just signing up with the email address. I now pay for the FT but pretty sure you might still be able to use the portfolio manager free of charge anyway.
Also use Yahoo as it’s better on my phone.


Koyfin recently updated to include stocks outside the US. You can create portfolios which track the market and have all the relevant stats you might need, as well as enable you to draw charts etc. It’s all free currently (though there may be a premium version in future).

Their aim is to be a free Bloomberg terminal essentially, and they do it well!

Only gripe on the portfolio side is their FX exchange doesn’t seem to work, so I group by native currency and assess that way.

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Google Sheets has formulas which can get the current price of stocks. So I use a Google Sheet which pulls data from stocks and combines that with my other portfolios (crypto, lending, cash, privately held stocks, etc) to get a pretty accurate overview of my finances. I then log the position at the end of each month and make forecasts for the next few years. It might be a bit heavy, but I love it.

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