Google Finance portfolio tracking

(Nizar) #1

Can everyone share the apps they are using to follow the stock exchange?
Maybe add the pros and cons as well.

(Vladislav Kozub) #2

Yahoo Finance is a great one to be honest. What exactly are you after? Maybe company yearly stats like revenue, profits and ratios?

(Nizar) #3

Thanks @Vlad , I was mainly interested in what everyone else is using so I have updated the post accordigly.
personall I’m looking for a simple and clutter free app/site the a novice can use easily and that will also give me just the necessary information and stats to decide if I want to buy/stell a stock.

(Vladislav Kozub) #4

Give a go. In my opinion, the best tool to take general stats and ratios for your analysis (no UK stocks there I think). is good too, but their design is not as slick and there are many paywalls. However, this one has a great AI feature that gives you bearish and bullish news for companies your pick, quite useful actually. Since I have about 15 companies in my portfolio, all news for them are clustered there.

Feel free to ask if you need any more help with those :wink:

(Tommy Lowe) #5

You might find this thread interesting as well, @Nizar… Not specific to apps, but some handy sources for you to get your data from :slight_smile:

(Joseph Goh) #6

Personally, I used WeBull for tracking the stock market as the information there is pretty comprehensive which includes key statistics, capital flow, news, analyst forecasts and you can set a reminder for any upcoming earning report as well .


Try…very sophisticated and lots of info …

(Donald Philp) #8

I’m with @Vlad, Yahoo Finance and don’t forget BLOOMBERG.

(Simran Cashyap) #9

A couple of others that haven’t been mentioned, that I liked:

TeleTrader -
Koyfin - (but it is U.S. only)

I really liked Yahoo Finance’s mobile app for its simplicity - I can get straight to what I care about. They’ve made it a bit worse with the extra hop to get to my portfolio overview. However, I find that the data is a bit unreliable at times (in particular for less liquid ETFs).

(Jim) #10

The GOOGLEFINANCE function on a Google sheet is handy for portfolio tracking.

(Simran Cashyap) #11

I’ve played with Google Finance before, but never built something to manage the full portfolio.

Here is a copy of one I made previously

I’d love to hear the thoughts and ideas of others. Maybe we can build out something decent as a group?


For several months now (since Googlefinance had a big update), I haven’t been able to get it to show any data on UK mutual funds :frowning: . Until that point I was a big fan, now making do with Yahoo finance.

[Update: see Stock Market apps for UK mutual fund prices in Goog Sheets]

(Aris David) #13

It’s a great idea I have a similar spreadsheet. I’m also tracking dividends where I have a list of all stocks on the left hand side and months (Jan to Dec) as columns.

I jot down the dividend amount I’m receiving, I then compare it to prior years.


I’ve just started inputting my FT portfolio into a google sheet

Some of the prices don’t seem to be correct :man_shrugging:

For example ‘MIDD’ below should be 1695 not 109?

(Jim) #15

Traded on the London market so use the “LON” prefix : =GOOGLEFINANCE(“LON:MIDD”, “price”)


Ahhhhh thanks :sunglasses:

Much appreciated


I’ve never used Google finance before I’m assuming this is available for iOS? I’ll download this just now and input my stocks it looks like a great little tool.

(Jim) #18

It certainly is yes! :ok_hand:t3:

(Jim) #19

Back in my techie days I did this via the IMPORTXML function - the XPath part is a bit fiddly though…


Well, it isn’t available as an iOS app for me. Since March, the website is barely there (the portfolio has atrophied into a watchlist). I’ve mostly used it as a call in the Google spreadsheet, ie like Jim’s example: