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What are your favourite channels for news or conducting research? I typically jump around the usual business suspects (FT and Alphaville, Bloomberg, Thomson), with a healthy dose of tech (The Verge, Digital Trends etc), and @Viktor got me onto the daily Finimize shots, but it would be great to hear what everyone else is using!

On a separate note, does anyone have any podcast recommendations? I listen to Animal Spirits :bear: each week, and occasionally dip into the FT Alphachat & Exchanges at Goldman Sachs offerings, but can get a bit sleepy listening to some of them… :zzz:

Edit: I get tons of other daily emails I never read (Axiom AM, MergerMarket, LexisNexis feeds) but others might find them useful…


For news, I default to Reddit, e.g. r/investing. A lot of the discussions are US-heavy though.

I’m big on emails, too! I read a handful of them in the morning, e.g. Finimize and the Breakfast Briefing from the Market Mogul. The Monevator newsletters have good content, although they come across as a bit old-fashioned for me.

I follow 100+ podcasts, but Invest like the Best is by far the highest quality for me.


I’m going all in with r/wallstreetbets of course.

I’ll check out Invest like the Best though. Since finding out about Freetrade I’ve been reading up about investing a lot more, but I haven’t got to Podcasts. Thanks for the link.


WSB! I subscribed to that sub for a few months, but it’s too intense for me. :fire:

Patrick O’Shaughnessy (Invest like the Best guy) is worth following on Twitter as well.

A recent good episode was the interview with Facebook’s ex Head of Growth, who runs his investment firm Full Tilt Capital now. He said something along the lines he and his partner figured out a way to get cheaper electricity for crypto mining (burning car tyres).

Awful for the environment though, so I hope this “innovation” won’t catch on.


Helps grow an evil empire, then turns his attention to destroying the planet, I can see a pattern emerging…

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A riveting episode! :male_detective:

r/investing is massive and interesting but sometimes gambling posts like in r/WallStreetBets do come up though

I recently switched to r/stocks and do often have interesting DD posts that are literally swallowing into reading (like Freetrade blog posts :grin: )


Going along the lines of Finimize, I also subscribe to Morning brew which is a great read but less entry level compared to Finimize. Also another great podcast that I listen to is Chat with traders there’s a huge backlog but definitely worth a listen


Thanks, I’ll check out the Morning Brew. :email:

Thanks, have just received my first Morning Brew, looks good :slight_smile:

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The FT app is my no.1… Companies, Markets, Lex and Alphaville columns daily.

Bloomberg is great because it’s free & high quality… Technology column once a week

BBC news… daily for general world affairs

YouTube… Modern Investor, Cryto Investor, Cryto Coin News, Cryto Capital Venture, Tyler S, and the Litecoin Foundation channels mainly to keep up with cryptocurrency.

The Economist… occasionally I read a free article, especially if it’s regarding a tech stock


I just read the about page on Finimize & am struggling to get it’s USP/purpose. :thinking:
Is it a news outlet that curates news across different platforms in a concise manner? Also, do they have an app?


Agree here. If I wanted a news feed, I would certainly go to Tip Ranks (AMZN as an example)

They have a really big news database that also determines whether the news are bullish or bearish. It has also got a chart showing the stock price changes and how it correlates to the news that are being published.


Relatively new to this investor game, other than the odd crowdfund round or bitcoin dabble. Excited, and looks like I’ve a lot of reading to do :fire:


Relevant to the research topic: Freetrade Invest Hub

Also, we have a new emoji: :freetrade: !


For people who wish to adopt a buy and hold strategy, I recommend following a number of fairly well known fund managers

  • James Anderson of Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust/Baillie Gifford
  • Nick Train of Lindsell Train
  • Terry Smith of Fundsmith

And of course, who can forget, the Oracle of Omaha, Warren.


Byron Wien is a bit of a legend in the investing world. Recommend signing up for his market commentary.


Didn’t know him. Thanks, Justin!

Finimize launched their iOS app today. They’re sharing weekly roundups & alerts in a chatbot UI.

There’s not much in the app yet so it’s too early to rate it but it looks like they’ve done a good job of sticking with their approachable style.

Android app coming :soon:


I wonder if a Tripadvisor for platforms/brokers/robos might be quite a hard thing to do meaningfully when everyone’s journey through each will be different depending on what risk they took on. Dunno.