I'm looking for YouTube channels and websites to follow

Hi, I’m looking for some high quality YouTube channels and websites to follow for information on stocks and shares, general market environment news, following the S&P500, just to give me an understanding what is the health of the market, what is expected within the coming month or more, what is the news on the markets.

I have got a YouTube channel I am following called DataDash and I find that insightful, essential, informative. His presentation is intelligent, and accurate to what’s happening in the crypto market environment. Can you guys forward me good quality channels I can follow to? I’m following ClearValue Tax at the moment and Millionnaire Secreats, but not alot when it comes to stocks and shares.

I especially like Toby Newbatt. Damien Talks Money is also good, although unfortuantely he’s taking some time out for the moment due to being assaulted.

For learning videos, as opposed to current analysis, I really like The Swedish Investor. I’ve learned so much from him, especially his summaries of all the major investing books and analysis of the main players both historic and contemporary.

I watch cnbc especially Cramer boo ya!. He seems to explain the us market very well …

Also game of trades i think is also good

I generally avoid YouTube. There are exceptions but most of the channels are rubbish. I’m old fashioned and prefer the Economist, FT, Barron’s, WSJ etc.


For compounding I enjoy watching the compounding investor The Compounding Investor - YouTube

Would I have any success looking for podcasts from the above mentioned ?

Do you have any other suggestions for good financial pods ?

OP sorry for hijacking your question :sweat_smile:

A couple of good podcasts associated with good YouTube channels:

The Rational Reminder - from Ben Felix / Common Sense Investing on YT

Many Happy Returns - from PensionCraft on YT

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Thanks Cammy :facepunch:

Thank you very much guys for all your useful responses, I greatly appreciate it, thanks!

I watched the compound investor for the first gime on you tube what a great channel. I am going to do the cup of tea saving! My buying strategy wss roughly on the same path but with some speculative buys for long term growth!

Pension craft aint too shabby