Good websites?

Anyone know of any good website where you can read about potential stock to invest in which have articles or things like that?

Which will allow to make a judge on whether to invest or not?

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Check these threads


thank you appreicate it!

there alot to keep me busy are there any ones out of the lot you would recommend looking at first?

Thanks again

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@bhav that depends on your circumstances I think

  1. Where do you stand? What do you know? What have you read/learned about the subject so far in your life?

  2. What are your goals? What do you want to achieve?

  3. How much money are you planning to put into investments?

  4. How much time can you dedicate to learn this stuff? Can you dedicate one hour a day? An hour a week? For how long?

  5. What do you fear the most? Buying some shares only to see their price drop 50, 60, 70, 80% even after a few days? Slowly watching your money being eaten by inflation?

In short, start from the beginning. If you can answer those questions it will be easier to determine where is your beginning and find a suitable route for your specific needs.

Hope this makes sense

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Genuine Impact is very insightful

You could say it has some genuine impact

I havnt been that impressed with genuine impact