The ultimate list of investing books, podcasts and blogs

We’ve noticed lots of you debating interesting places to find investing ideas and strategy.

So we created this list of investing resources: books, podcasts, blogs, sites and more.

We want this to be a living list, so if you see something missing, comment in the thread and we’ll add it in, if we like the look of it!

Best Investing Blogs

Monevator General Wry, sage advice on investing techniques, history and lifestyle.
UK Value Investor Blog Chafting one man’s quest for good value, high quality stocks.
The Evidence Investor Blog Investment ‘mythbusters’ driven by data.
The Escape Artist FIRE A FIRE guide backed by personal experience
Mr Money Moustache FIRE The classic, original FIRE blog, with advice on saving, spending and investing.
Simple Living in Somerset FIRE Savvy sometimes bitingly satirical take on financial freedom from UK blogger Ermine.
Sustainable Economist Ethical Excellent blog on ethical investing sector, with a whole section on model portfolios.

Best Investing Podcasts

Invest like the Best General Interview series with world’s most interesting investors.
Money for the Rest of Us General Hyper-accessible money management tips.
FT Money Show General Flagship personal finance show from the Financial Times.
Stacking Benjamins General Upbeat, cheery take on personal finance - broadcast from a basement.
Trillions General Everything about everything on exchange-traded funds.
Tim Ferriss Startups Insights on business, tech and personal development from the inventor of the 4-hour workweek.
Meaningful Money General High detail personal investing advice with each series focusing on one theme.
Planet Money General NPR’s cross-cultural money show on investment ideas and trends.
Mad Fientist FIRE FIRE advice and interviews from an Edinburgh-based former developer.
Choose Fi FIRE Interview-based podcast on achieving financial independence.
Acquired Startups The untold stories of the most interesting or successful tech co’s and startups. Kind of like our Stock Take, with less crowdfunding. :smile:
Returns on Investment Ethical Impact Alpha’s incisive podcast on social investing - good for news and comment, as well as ideas.

Best Investing Books

The Intelligent Investor General Value investing bible.
A Random Walk Down Wall Street General Advice and anecdotes for investment beginners.
Flash Boys General The rise of high-frequency trading.
The Essays Of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America General Gruff wisdom from world’s greatest investor.
Principles: Life and Work General Life and money advice from flamboyant fund maestro Ray Dalio.
Smarter Investing: Simpler Decisions for Better Results General Holistic, simple investment strategy for low-time readers.
RESET: How to Restart Your Life and Get F.U. Money FIRE Half story, half how-to guide on escaping the career trap (and living it up afterwards).
Financial Freedom FIRE Motivation and advice on side hustles, passive investing and more from Millennial Money founder Grant Sabatier.
Angel Investing Startups The ins and outs of angel investing from Gust CEO David Rose, who personally invested in 150 startups.
Beating the Street General Peter Lynch’s iconic book about money management and investing strategy.
Investing Demystified General Thoughts on starter investing and indexing from ex-hedge funder Lars Kroijer.
Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits General Massively influential investor Philip Fisher’s philosophy and guide to investing.

Best Investing Forums

r/UKinvesting General Reddit home for UK investing crowd.
r/FireUK FIRE Compare tips, cheer each other on in the UK’s best FIRE forum.
r/EuropeFIRE FIRE Financial Independence / Retire Early for European residents.
r/Financialindependence FIRE Larger and more US-driven but also full of great tips and support on FIRE.

Best Investing Newsletters

Finimize General Peppy morning rundown of market and economy news.
Morning Brew General A daily roundup on trends and news from Wall St to the Valley.

Best Investing Subscriptions

The Economist General Comprehensive weekly global insights on business, politics, finance and news.
Financial Times General Daily international business and finance news, comment and analysis.

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Can I recommend both one up on Wall Street, and beating the Street both by Peter Lynch (the guy in my avatar :laughing:) really fantastic and inspiring reads.

He worked in fund management for fidelity for many years and he shares a lot of his insights, he was extremely successful in his management of the flagship Magellan fund, beating the market consistently over the 13 year period.

What I really like the most about the books is he shares successful investing strategies but also relates it completely to a retail investor who doesn’t have the tools and constraints a fund manager has.


Good shout - we’ll add these in

Lars Kroijer - Investing Demystified. An ex-hedge fund manager makes the case for index investing. Slightly less nerdy than Hale’s Smarter Investing.

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Great list plenty of new reads and listen for myself here! Thanks for putting it together!


Haha interesting - bet he didn’t feel obliged to return his 2 and 20 :joy:


Probably not (though I suppose you could argue that the wealthy are happy to pay 2&20 or 1&10 or whatever it is these days for the visceral excitement of maybe getting in on the next big thing).

He now seems to be investing in sustainable development .

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‘Of Dollars And Data’ is a good blog, here’s also a post on hedge funds and their 2 and 20’s


I’m a big fan of the morning (almost afternoon as they’re US based) newsletters. Two more I would consider are Bloombergs 5 things to start your day and Wall Street breakfast by Seeking Alpha.


Masters in bussines and macro voices are fantastic podcasts aswell, strongly recommend them.


Great list. I would add

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits by Philip Fisher. This book strongly influenced Warren Buffett and Philip Lynch, and will get the aspiring investor thinking about how to ask probing questions when meeting management. Fisher is know for using ‘scuttlebutt’, i.e. the qualitative information gathering that great investors combine with their numbers and chart work. :+1:


+A not so well-known book but absolutely spot on when it comes to common-sense investing:

A Wealth of Common Sense: Why Simplicity Trumps Complexity in Any Investment Plan by Ben Carlson


Carlson’s blog is worth a read (as are those of all of the other people at Ritholz).

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Yep, that’s made the cut.

Can people also add in good YouTube channels?


Yes, by all means! What are your favourites?

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Animals Spirits podcast is brilliant.


Here’s something a bit different - the short seller who was featured in Netflix’s Dirty Money, betting against Valeant, now has a twitter account. She’s sharing here latest theses there & has Wirecard in her sights -

Obviously short sellers have a big financial incentive to make the companies that they’re betting against look as bad as possible & like anyone else, they may get it wrong. But if you think that their research is trustworthy, you can learn a lot from following them :popcorn:

Follow @naval . I’ve learned quite a lot from his podcasts, tweets and live streaming.


This video from Ray Dalio’s YouTube channel comes to mind! I learn something new every time I watch it.