Welcome message

Hi @Freetrade_Team1,

given that many of the Freetrade users are newbies to investing, I wonder if we could set up a standard automated welcome message with a link for the ultimate list of investing… thread

It could read something like this:

Hi (person’s name),

Welcome to Freetrade’s community forum. We’ve been active for a while now and you can find a lot of valuable information.

If you’re new to investing feel free to hop to this thread

and if you feel like it introduce yourself here.

Happy investing"

Maybe one of the tech savvy team members could pull this off

PS: feel free to adjust the text as needed



Great idea. A bit of personalisation.

Hi Raul :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for this suggestion, I think that new post is really good too & it’s definitely worth highlighting for people that’re just getting started.

There is an automated welcome message that’s sent by @discobot to everyone who joins the community. This saves us a lot of time as we have 10-15 people joining every day :sweat_smile: Until today the message it sends had links to the Introduce yourself 👋 - #242 by Wulfy topic, as well as the #ideas & #stock-requests category. But you’ve prompted me to add a link to the Welcome to the Freetrade community! 👋 post too.

That post controls the content that visitors see in the welcome banner when they visit the community & includes a link to the Introductory wiki 🐣.

Although the ultimate list post is really useful, I’d rather highlight the wiki because it includes a collection of our blog posts, which are intended to help guide a first time investor through the journey of getting to grips with investing. My concern is that if we just point people to other sources, which cover lots of different topics, then people might get a bit lost / overwhelmed. The ultimate list post is included in the wiki though so I reckon we get the best of both worlds that way.

Just let me know if you have any more ideas for the community :raised_hands:


Thanks @Freetrade_Team1

I share your concerns about the possibility of people feeling overwhelmed.

I also think the link for the Introductory wiki 🐣 is a great way to go. I really like the blog posts, they are definitely a great starting point. Not only for someone who’s giving the first steps in investing, but also as a way to learn about and understand Freetrade’s culture. So I totally support the choice.

I was unaware of @discobot. So… he likes the craps… so long he just do it for fun and doesn’t bet more than what he can afford to lose…


Edit: I’ve got a like from @discobot. How amazing is that. I’m considering to mention it on my every post from now on :grin:


Someone should probably introduce them to investing instead :eyes:


I think it would be a great idea to add a clear welcome message to new users that states that most ideas and stock requests have already got a thread and to search first :+1:

I was going to do this as an idea but found this thread on the search list :joy:

Seriously though it is vital to keep the forum as clean as possible and only dilutes votes! I did suggest a ticker option for stock requests which would also help.