How should Freetrade boost the growth of this community?

Does anyone have ideas on how we can boost this?


How about a “Freetrade” tab in the app that provides links to all things Freetrade, like the forum, the blog and latest Freetrade related news. For investors it could indicate our Freetrade shareholding even - I bet that would be popular! Clicking on the forum link would still require signup and accepting a disclaimer that the views and comments therein are not that of Freetrade and do not represent investment advice. Perhaps it’s not permitted but if it is I’m sure it will gain a lot of interest.


Being able to quickly link to the forum/roadmap/blog etc directly and simply from the app would be brilliant.


That is the simplest way. I bet many users don’t even know it exists.

You could also list it in the user profile section as a link if you wanted it to be more simple. Then send out an email letting everyone know this and where it could be found.


It would be great if this was in the app. Perhaps the most recent posts view or stock discussion section.

I haven’t seen what the user on boarding journey looks like today, but you could call out the forum and suggest sign up at some point.

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Obviously the forum isn’t going to shared unchecked in the app. But could it be the content - such as the weekend reads, or mediated discussions, FAQs - that could appear or linked to


Just shooting out ideas. How about hosting a series of AMAs/interviews with top investors/economists/bloggers focused on long term investing presenting their views on the market and in return getting the exposure to the audience. This can also be a source of content for the YouTube channel.


I only use the forum on my PC, - does anyone know if i can pick up where i left off if i signed in and used the forum on mobile, and vice versa?

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Yep - use Discoursehub



You should start with some light integration of the forum with the product, and vice-versa.

Between the ‘Stats’ and ‘About’ section for each stock in the App should be a ‘Forum’ link that clicks through to the relevant discussion thread in the forum. Perhaps include ‘X posts in last week’ or first 50 characters of most-recent post followed by ellipsis, and time-stamp to show recency?

There should also be a dedicated content area. I think that would easily fit in ‘Insights’ as a third option after ‘Type’ and ‘Sector’ - just add ‘Forum’ or ‘Community’. That could show the most-recent 10 posts, or most active discussions in last 48 hours, or is actively curated by one of your content team.

From the forum, include deeplinking from each stock to its dedicated page within the App. That allows mobile forum users to easily find the stock in the App.

The last point would be to add an incentivized growth mechanic to the sharing functionality of the forum, so each ‘share’ on social by a user automatically includes a referral link for attribution to the referree, so they can get a free share. I think if that’s made to work seamlessly, you’ll see a lot more social media activity around the discussions here.



Support content creators, it’s free material for the forum and gets people coming back and discussing interesting topics. E.g. people doing extended analyses like the @engineer guy.

I have a forum and we discuss articles/videos that members make and I think people learn as a result.


Personally some of the best content creators have been banned, for ridiculous reasons. That’s stopped me coming to the forum as much.


What were they banned for? I’ve noticed a few people no longer post here, but couldn’t quite put a finger on why.


I like the idea of calling it a community rather than forum. Do you want to split this into a new thread @adam. Dont want to detract from the new users count :wink:


Is there any other place where you can interact with these content creators and they share their content? :thinking:

You can, if you log in it will remember new posts since last log in, unread threads etc

I would be surprised if people didn’t know as it’s linked to often in the newsletters, Twitter etc. Maybe it is the 1% rule (Internet culture) in action.

Beyond that it would be good to see more exclusives again like there was when the community section was launched.

Agree with what others have said about linking the forum with the app more.

Moreover when the app sends out a messages (such as 90 new stocks have arrived) it should show a link somewhere to find the full detail on a new thread on the forum?