See below for some interface ideas –

  • Incorporate the forum with the platform somehow so it has a social side to it - allow new/experienced users to have discussions on stock pages to see what’s “hot or not”

  • In the discover page you should be able to see the biggest market movers, it will allow new users to find new stocks they could get involved with instead of the typical blue chips

  • Have a community platform on social sites instead of an independent website I.e Discord, Reddit, the list goes on…

  • There should be portfolio management advice, I.e how best to avoid a bear market - diversify your stock selections, have dividend etc

These are only some I can think of right now, will add on more

Hi @junelislam, welcome to the community!

Thank you for suggesting some great ideas to improve the Freetrade product.

We are constantly trying to evolve our product and specifically looking at improving the discover and search experience in the coming months.

Keep the ideas coming!

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Here’s another idea @Max_R we should include price alerts for the app - I hate it when I miss out on a good deal because the app didn’t notify me that X company has hit Y price.

I know I could put order in to buy stocks at whatever price but not all of us got a lot of cash lying around waiting for that deal - some of us are actively moving money around all the time!

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Hi @junelislam

If you sign up for Freetrade plus you can set trigger orders to execute at certian prices both buy or sell.

I have Freetrade plus @NeilB I would just like notifications when prices are hit so I can decide whether to buy or not - price alert works different, it just gives a notification to the user that the stock has hit a certain price that’s all


Hi @junelislam great idea and is a good feature candidate to explore further.


Here’s another one @Max_R we should be able to reorder our watchlist. I’ve got a shit ton of stocks on there that I watch but would like a way I can rearrange my list. That will be cool.

Another idea is that the Plus membership should give you some more perks, like maybe the stuff listed above? Right now the Plus membership allows users to have access to basic capabilities you would expect on normal stock trading apps e.g Trading 212 and eToro - where’s the unique selling points of Freetrade plus membership?

Also, it’s all fine to drop ideas but when will these ideas be actually incorporated into the platform?

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