Share chat - share price

It’ll be a nice idea to show the current company share price within each share chat, on the top of the screen as I constantly find myself jumping back into the freetrade app to do this, and would be even better if u click on the share price that a historic graph shows up more info.

I like this idea but don’t think it is possible as the forum isn’t FT and is 3rd party but I did suggest something similar that maybe could make it easier by having the chat hyper-linked to the app page so just one click away :+1:

TBH I don’t think it would be that much of a struggle to implement. It’s just a tweak to the underlying discourse discussion page php (or whatever language is used) so that a lookup to google shares/whatever is used, in the same way the vote bit is only shown on the ideas category.

I have done similar tweaks for other forum software in the past, and I am terrible at web stuff, so if I can do it…

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I assumed the vote function was a discourse standard and that adding the price would be harder but maybe not?

I’ll give it a vote in case it is possible then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit - and if this was possible you could go the full hog and have the top bar able to stick in place with live price/up-down etc.

Oh absolutely, the hard part (with all HTML/web stuff) is breaking the layout/display, especially on different browsers. But it’s definitely doable.