New stock link to app

When Freetrade announce a new stock in the forum it would be super helpful if there was a link that would open the app on the new stock. This would be really helpful to quickly look at the current price etc and mark it as a watcher.

If the forum was in house this would open up many more options that would be even better but a simple shortcut would be really good. For example yesterday so many were added in the same hour it would have saved a lot of time and been quite handy as I like to watch new stocks to see what is happening. :+1:

This is a great idea, could imagine people posting links on social media etc to encourage sharing and subtly advertise.


Yep i didn’t think of that but yes it would be very good in that aspect :+1:

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Very good idea

Thanks for the suggestion.

We would definitely like to implement deep linking into the app like this at some point, yes!

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Excellent, would be great way to spread the FT word and get people to download the app. :+1: :stuck_out_tongue:

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