[Feature Request 🔧] Show Freetrade as an illiquid investment in app

Would it be too complex to write the code for this?

My only concern would be a post every other day about buying or selling Free trade in forum. To counter that the buy or sell buttons could be left out and just the number of shares and average cost with price at last valuation and it wouldn’t be in discover. Thoughts?

With 6 crowdfunding rounds now and perhaps a new one each year it would be great to see this with each crowdfund the new yearly share price displayed.

F*ucking awesome idea! I wonder how many people have it as their largest holding in total :joy:


I’ve invested in freetrade since round 2 and this would be brilliant. Im sure I’ve seen a previous comment or thread elsewhere on the forum a whole ago asking if freetrade themselves could operate the ability to actually trade their own shares on the platform in the future. Brilliant idea to include it in the app as a preview. I like capdesk for my two crowd funded investments that actually do use that platform to see my total holding but I’ve got about 40 companies I’ve invested in now and only 2 of them use capdesk


Think what it’d do to those hallowed average AUA figures… :chart_with_upwards_trend: :boom:


I think it helps user satisfaction and maybe a sense of pride. Showing your investment to be a big +green is great for self confidence. Let’s remind our investors what a great product we have. Let’s keep the rocket going. If you make your investors feel great that has to be a good thing for future growth


This would be awesome

Amazing idea!

Another vote from me.

This sounds like an easy win tbh (I say that, but I work in software and know only too well that a simple change is anything but).

This would be great to see. Not sure we can do it anytime soon but we’d discussed it several times internally and would love to do it. Maybe as part of a future raise! :slight_smile:


@Ian thats really fantastic.

Keep voting folks. :smile:


100% agree.