See other Investments (From: Different Brokers, Pensions, Crowdfunds,etc) in the FT app

Full credit to @Rod, who thought up this idea in a separate thread

Would be great to be able to see investments other than listed stocks in the app :freetrade:

Examples of such investments could include: Other brokers, Equity crowdfunding, P2P lending, Workplace pension, property, etc. This would emulate what OpenBanking apps (Emma, Moneydashboard, etc) do, but with an investment focus (giving return performance, portfolio insights, etc). IMO, this would be a convenient way to monitor your net worth/wider portfolio performance all in one place. Something to consider when Freetrade finishes building their API. :hammer_and_wrench::iphone:

For those worried it could promote the opposition, I’ll point out that you can display your barclays balance in Monzo for example! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think best visually, so I was only able to truly appreciate the idea when I did a cheeky edit in MS paint:

*It’d be neat right? :smile: It can’t just be me that thinks so? :thinking: *

I know people had asked for this before, but it might have been lost within the crowdfund page. Not sure if anyone made a poll for this previously (I can’t find one at least).

But yes, this would be cool, especially seen as how terrible the Crowdcube app is. Although I’m not sure how FT’s share price fluctuates with the exception of more crowdfunds, so I wonder if it’d just be a horizontal line most of the time?

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I was aware people wanted freetrade shares in app, but I was thinking more broadly - e.g. all your crowdfunded investments - my bad if this has been suggested too though :rofl:

I think that’s exactly how Freetrade’s share price movement would be, I totally agree; In my experience, early stage company share prices only change upon a valuation event (funding round, exit, winding up, etc), otherwise it’s fairly stagnant. This is in part why I think seeing the performance of your entire crowdcube portfolio, (with the option of seeing individual companies in a drop down menu as in the screenshot), would be more interesting. More movement that way.

I know, but I’m not sure if realistically there’s a whole lot of point if your share value will remain stagnant.

It would definitely be cool either way, although FT would likely need to work with Crowdcube to make it happen (to verify the owner & shares owned etc), and then they’d have to be locked out of the buying and selling options which would look out of place on FT app and possibly confuse some users. Not to mention that if someone did manage to sell their Crowdcube shares, then the FT app would need to be updated to reflect that.

This of course could all be a lot easier than it sounds, but I’m not betting on it being the case and I’m not sure if it’d be worth the coding effort, especially as there’s likely a small minority of people who would actually benefit from it and FT’s efforts are better focused elsewhere.

Oh and I can’t see Crowdcube being too willing considering it would then detract users from their own app, which wouldn’t exactly be good for them.


I should clarify sorry: I meant that any given startup might only have share price movement every 6 months, say, but a startup portfolio would be much more volatile (movement every month or less). This, ofcouse depends on how diverse that portfolio is :chart_with_upwards_trend: It’s also a massive pain to track (current and historical) share prices on these platforms at the moment :unamused:

And let’s not forget the other investments beside crowdfunding that could be displayed! :slight_smile:

I completely agree it’d be no trivial undertaking from a design and engineering perspective. And yes, It does depend on how API discussions go with relevant companies - It’s promising, however, that crowdcube, for instance, have shown a positive attitude towards integrating with Moneydashboard :crossed_fingers:

I absolutely recognise it would be a difficult feature to actualise, but i’m just here to suggest/promote it because it sounds ace - I’ll leave the intricacies and weighing up the cost/benefit of build up to Doddsie and team :+1:

I wasn’t aware of this but that definitely does sound more promising :slightly_smiling_face:

FT does have the release of their own API on the roadmap, so once that’s out of the way it could be a possibility even for another app to come along and do what you’re suggesting but even better. Or if this suggestion gains enough votes FT might be willing to look into it (can’t remember what they said before about getting their own shares onto here).