Manual portfolio

Hey Freetrade

Wondering whether there will be a section in app for me to list all of my other investments (IE: via Crowdcube or Crytpo) manually - so I can see a snapshot of everything in one place.

iii do something similar but it’s clunky.


Nice idea, I’d love to be able to see my entire portfolio in one place!

I generally believe that Freetrade should try to avoid users having to make manual entries in the app for this sort of thing, when the technology exists to avoid that. Coinbase for example has an open API that they should be able to pull from. But I f they couldn’t get to your cryptocurrency wallet then I’m not sure how useful manual entry would be because the prices fluctuate so much that they’d always be out of date..

As far as I know, the crowdfunding platforms don’t have APIs yet. But since the share prices generally only change once or twice a year, when the companies raise money from another round, I guess manual entry could work for those types of investments.

Ultimately, Freetrade will offer cryptocurrency & pensions themselves so they’ll get you most of the way there. But maybe this could be a good solution while they build that out.

Side note - I’m guessing that this functionality is harder to design than you might imagine :thinking:

I had a look at this at the start of the year as I was toying with automating some things and there’s no official API for CrowdCube or Seedrs, frustratingly there isn’t even a way to export as CSV or some other helpful format.


I like the idea of seeing everything in one place, but I wonder if that isn’t a better direction for someone like Monzo - especially as (some) other trading platforms might be direct competitors? I’d like Freetrade to concentrate on doing their core job well and leave the whole financial view to others - but maybe I’ve misunderstood the Freetrade mission?