Sharing your portfolio allocation with other users

(Pablo) #1

It would be good to be able to share your current portfolio allocation % with other users in terms of both a static html link, and as an internal Freetrade sharing functionality. The latter could allow users to request other users’ current portfolio allocation, as well as to share it with them voluntarily (similar to how you share images on WhatsApp, or invite people to your WhatsApp group). In addition, after receiving another user’s allocation, one could execute such allocation for their own portfolio (or a portion of their cash holdings). This may be especially appealing for millennials and people who are just getting started, as they may want to follow what their friends (or ‘investing gurus’) do from time to time, without strictly having someone providing investment advice / managing your holdings, and what that entails.

Splitting one’s portfolio into different ‘pots’ may be a functionality that this could work well with.

Sharing / Newsfeed
(Alex Sherwood) #2

Another user’s just requested this functionality via live chat:

In this instance I would like my son to cooperate with me as part of his schooling to see the info but not be able to take actions


I suggested something like this as well. As features go this would be pretty complicated and probably something they might think about in future rather than right now.

Check out Ayondo who do something pretty similar to this idea.


I was talking with my dad (also a Freetrade user) and we were saying how awesome it would be if we could share our portfolios with each other.

I can imagine it working in a very similar way to how the Apple Watch shares activity - it’s great to see what your friends are up to and could help introduce you to new stocks or investing strategies.

Perhaps even a newsfeed of what my friends have been investing in would be a good start.

Understand there are privacy implications but feel like this would be an awesome feature and could lead to some cool network effects of getting friends to join.

(Vladislav Kozub) #5

Hey James, I have moved your suggestion over here to keep all points of view on this matter in one place.