A DIY portfolio pot with % allocations (that rebalances)

Not sure if this has been suggested before,

But I’d love the feature of creating my own portfolio of ETFs, by picking % allocation. I’ve seen something similar with InvestEngine, where you can pick a selection of ETFs and put a % against them, and then when you deposit into said portfolio it automatically applies the deposit across your selected ETFs according to your % allocation.

There’s also a ‘rebalance’ your portfolio function which automatically rebalances percentages for you!

Would be great to have something similar on Freetrade as it’d make it easier to have a ETF portfolio that’s being regularly invested in but also invest in individual stocks alongside at the same time within the same ISA.

This has been suggested, but until we can buy fractional ETFs I don’t think its do-able. I believe it’s a planned feature though.

Incidentally there are some good guides on here in the Passive Investors thread to creating your own pots which mimic all-world ETFs and allow you to skew one way or another to emphasise emerging markets it whatever, though you will have to buy the individual ETFs yourself to maintain the % balance.

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