Pies, Pots or Buckets

I don’t care what we call them, but wouldn’t Freetrade benefit greatly from allowing users the ability to group their stocks into bundles or groups. Trading 212 has a very good system. To save me moving over completely, I’d love to see that kind of functionality being adopted on Freetrade.

Absolutely agreed - It be easier to have separate Portfolio such one for ETF, Stock…


Yeh but only if I can still see my total amount invested in all portfolios, buckets etc.


This would be a really useful feature to have.

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Hey folks. Thanks for the feedback and great idea. Organising/grouping stocks is something we have thought a lot about. A couple of questions: :thinking:

  1. What themes or groups would you want to create on Freetrade?
  2. Why would you want to be able to do this? What would this enable you to do?

Hi Greig,

My reasons are:

  1. I wouid like the ability to configure my own groups, general themes around bonds, stocks, commodities, then more granular with tech, Healthcare, travel etc. as templates would also be useful.
  2. This allows people to segregate their money a little better under the one account, e.g. I may have some investments which are longer term holdings, some shorter, also may have different goals under my investments, e.g. saving some portion for deposit, or other big tocket items. It also helps with the analysis of both my own investments amd historical analysis.

Grouping would also be useful for my watchlist/s, for the same reasons.

Appreciate others may have a different rationale.


Hi Greig,

  1. Themes/Groups - I would use this mainly to make fully customisable groups for ETF, Stock, REIT holdings etc. Also I like the idea of having tech/ healthcare/travel etc groupings, as mentioned above. It would be good if I could choose the name of each group.

  2. This would enable a better understanding and mangement of what is held in a portfolio - e.g you could see at a glance how much of you overall portfolio percentage is made up of single shares - cool and useful! This would help us see how a portfolio is diversified across different sectors/ asset classes.
    Displaying the overall gain/loss for each group would also be great, as you could see which themes are over/underperforming over a certain time period.

Hope that helps, and thanks!


Great feedback! :raised_hands: Thanks both.

Grouping them into sectors would be good. Finance, tech, logistics, industrials. The categories FreeTrade already have.

This will enable users to understand where their money is in each sector and provide a clearer path to diversification. For example if I can see I have 3 x stocks in finance, 2 x in tech, 0 in logistics, 2 in industrials then I might choose to invest in logistics using my next deposit.

To further this, have £X also in each sector. If i see that 1 sector is lacking then I may top it up.

I’m imagining something like:

Finance - 3 holdings, total amount £1,000.
Industrials - 4 holdings, total amount £625.
Tech - 5 holdings, total amount £2400.
Index funds - 2 holdings, total amount £700.

And so on. Then you can click on each individual sector and see a breakdown of the holdings. For example, on the above if i click on finance it may say.

3 holdings, total amount £1,000. Breakdown - Lloyds (£300). Barclays (£200). HSBC (£500).


I would want to create my own named pots. For example; My Growth Stocks, My short term punts, My Europe Fund. But the groups don’t need to be filtered by everything. We should be able to move our investments into each at will. Maybe create up to six pots. We should be to rename them. Maybe colour code them, or stick an icon on them.

Being able to see the progress of one pot is what I’m after. P/L, dividends received, money invested etc


As long as the pots are NOT themed as that would be terrible. Personally I want a pie that I can just add X amount each month, varied to match the money available, and go into a split of whatever stocks I want across sectors.

If this was limited from sectors it would be supremely disappointing.

Sliding scales for % to each stock would also be great and would probably make me invest more on the platform as it would be so easy and quick and not have to wait for transactions to round down to full shares etc but this is all dependant on fractional UK shares.

The problem we have with this vote is this is a massively wanted feature and been asked for many times but keeps coming back after being diluted into other threads.

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And this one had over 500 votes and got closed for auto invest which is not what we got that goes back to 2018 which started as dividends and similar auto invest.

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Yeh. Agreed. Trading 212 has done it really well.

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I am tempted to join them as especially in the down periods I want to pick my home made ETF and put the money in ASAP and then turn the app off. At the moment, I then have to log in after purchases go through and spend the left over cash as I am OCD in not wanting any cash sat in my SIPP. :rofl:

Having this in a flexible format is the most wanted thing for me and something I hoped would come a lot sooner than now. That and US tax withholding being sorted out.

Yeh Trading 212 don’t currently do SIPPs. As soon as they do, I’ll move, unless Freetrade can offer similar sorting, grouping and balancing options.

to me, the ‘sector’ section of the insights tab is where i’d expect to be able to view stock breakdowns by category - it already has a percentage weighting as well. Right now if you click on a sector it just activates/deactivates the percentage weighting of that sector on the pie chart above which is totally useless imo.

Pies and such I would never use - throwing money into a random spread takes too much thinking out of it - not for me but voted for those who would find this useful.

Why would it be random spreads if the pie was decided by the user? And top man for the vote :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What gets me is that you can’t even sort your portfolio, never mind group them. It maddens me that I can’t group them in alphabetical order when I want to find one but instead have to remember roughly where it is!

I have already voted for this as I would very much like to able to group them into different categories. As for many other reasons, this is one reason why my investment Excel spreadsheet won’t be disappearing any time soon.

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in so far as you have no control over when that money is deployed…it will ‘auto-invest’ into your target allocations at a pre-determined frequency. I’m assuming this is how it works. One way to average in over time that can work I suppose…i just prefer to buy at value

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No, I would like to add say £100 or £20,00 or whatever amount at any time I choose and it then buys the pie split that I would like at the first available opportunity. Having the option to auto deposit should be a part of it but not the full option.

I like to ad-hoc pay into various platforms and FT is not the easiest option when spreading the stocks so having a home made ETF that I can change would be great.

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And sorry Greig, just saw this.

Why are you asking these questions as if it is the first time this has ever been brought up? appreciate you may be new (18m according to your profile), but you guys should now be telling us what you are building or have built. Get some of us on to a beta version to try out.

There must be a huge folder in your workspace about this and probably plenty of minutes from past meetings around feasibility. And honestly, right now, you don’t even have to innovate - just copy your competition.

You want to help people invest and investment should be frictionless, if you want AUM growth - start helping by delivering one of the most demanded features.

While I am it - accept employer SIPP contribution - do it manually if you have to, but just do it.

Stop wasting time and money on graphs and tweaks. A simple question to ask yourself is, will it increase AUM significantly?

If it does, do it. If you guys are sitting there with heads in your hands and worrying about funding, doing nothing isn’t going to help - everything every one of you is doing will make a difference - rationalise your time and make a change to how you work.