I’m new to investing, and in the spirit of Freetrade being a fresh modern take on the world of investing… I have an idea.

The idea is an option for the portfolio screen, to have the ability to move add my shares to Bundles - think of it like a folder within your portfolio.

For example i might create a Bundle called FAANG, and have my FAANG shares in there, allowing me to see how they grow as a combined Bundle, rather than track them all individually. I might create a UK Only Bundle and just have my UK shares in there to monitor the same.

In the future, I might also have a Bundle where I’ve had a bet with one of my Freetrade friends that a group of my shares will perform better than theirs, and we can monitor the competition using the Bundles.

You would still be able to use the main portfolio screen to monitor everything you own and how it is performing individually, but I think it would be a very cool idea to be able to essentially build your own Bundles - for example If I saw a stock performing badly, but the Bundle was performing well, I’d be less inclined to panic sell.

You also wouldn’t be able to add one share to more than one bundle, in order for the portfolio value to never exceed what the total value of the Portfolio Summary screen tells you.

I guess it could be described as creating your own mini ETF’s within the App, with complete control over investments within the ETF.

I would welcome any feedback on the idea. I’ve just spewed a lot of words without too much thought about layout - I will edit once I have re-read.

Love this idea. All shares from same sector or region together so I could see how they were doing