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After much convincing :sweat_smile:, wanted to pitch this idea to the community to see what your thoughts are. To help encourage newbie investors and those not yet confident in stocks, shares, trackers etc, would it be good to have a feature on the app (later on obviously) that featured the top 5 / 10 shares or trackers that Freetrade users are investing in? Could be something thats updated quarterly or yearly. And feature some of new IPOs or popular safe bets. I know we have some posts already on the forum that kinda gives a good idea of some stocks people can look into, so I’m thinking it would be good to transfer that onto the app in some way.

Reason for this is the one key question new investors usually have is “where do I even start?”. So if you had some names to start researching that might help?

An example of this is:

Let me know what you think please :slight_smile: Thanks


I think I really need this :+1:


It’s a really interesting idea @Baroness!

It vibes ever so slightly with eToro’s Social Trading, by where you can follow the positions and activity of other users. Maybe one thing to consider is basing your positions on others’ holdings shouldn’t be a substitute for doing your own research and figuring out a strategy that’s right for you.

This IG’s take on client positions and sentiment:


HL does a samiliar thing. It lists the top funds that users are investing in. It also shows the stocks with the most activity and their buy/sell ratios


Thanks for sharing! Definitely agree - and there should be a big disclaimer on there to remind users to do their own research. It just helps in giving people who have no idea, a clue of where to start their research before they invest. Also for sheer curiosity too :smile:


Love this - sounds like what I’m looking for. Do you find it useful?

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Great idea, even once I’m a more experienced investor I’d be curious to see what the rest of the community are into at the time.

Just to mention, I’m less keen on anything that shows sentiment for specific stocks or short timeframes though, since Freetrade’s trying to encourage investing for the long term, it might be best to avoid anything that could cause or promote a ‘herd mentality’.


It can be interesting to see what’s popular, but I’ve only ever used it as a way to stimulate further research. At times it has been a way to discover funds and shares which I hadn’t yet come across, but I’d never use it to judge what to buy because something is popular.


Agreed. I’m a dividend growth investor so I’m only on for the long term. If such a feature is implemented it should only be as a point of interest rather than any sort of encouragement to buy or sell


This site is the best option for new traders due to the no fees option, and low minimum trade amounts, I think a common “good investments” page would be a great start for people like me as scrolling through will lead us to stocks that have mostly already boomed and inexperience will spoil the experience. I’m not suggesting a press 1 button to make money but maybe a list of must have stocks might be good, also a commentary page on each stock or group.

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Unfortunately we’re not authorised to give investment advice so we can’t recommend stocks for people to buy. But we might be able to help users figure this sort of thing out more easily by displaying popular stocks etc.

Just a heads up - we’re creating a service for long term investors, rather than traders so if you’re looking for a trading platform, you might find that we don’t have all of the functionality that you need. Hopefully you meant investors though :sweat_smile:

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Most people will buy and then sell until they are comfortable with their investment so i would have thought we would be traders up until we have sustained a long term investment? If there is a sell option then that would be trading, does it have a sell option?

Yes you can sell your investments too.

I think it’d be cool if this section of the discover tab was changed to the weeks most popular buys

Since I started using Freetrade a few months ago the list on discover tab hasn’t changed (I don’t think)

The top weekly buys would freshen it up a bit and make it easier to check out the weekly list

That’s dangerous. The most bought stocks on Freetrade are usually recently crashed companies and weird pennystocks. Essentially a list of the who-is-who of stocks you should not invest in as a beginner.

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Cheers Seb

Maybe a monthly list instead then to add a bit of balance and weed out some of the ‘fads’

This week’s list has 2 stocks that are already on the most bought section plus Apple, Microsoft, Gold, Amazon. So not all ‘dodgy’ buys (in my opinion :joy:)