Filters in Discover are now available for everyone 🎚

You’ll now see filters in the Discover tab, in the Android & iOS apps :tada:

Thanks to the testers for all of your feedback so far! I’ve moved it over to this topic to keep it all in one place.

Let us know your thoughts / suggestions for more filters here :grinning:



Just got these live in my app and have had a little play. I am sure opinion will be divided here, but to me it seems counterintuitive that if I filter by US and Exchange Traded Fund I don’t see ETFs that track US indexes such as £VUSA and £IUSA. Obviously these are UK based ETFs and in sterling, but since they track the S&P 500 I would like to see them when I filter by US.

Otherwise they are great so far! Would love to see more options in the future such as industry types (tech, finance etc.) and perhaps filters for different exchanges (NYSE, LSE).


For me it seems all ETFs are under “UK”. I’d agree ETFs that don’t cover the UK shouldn’t be included there, and ETFs that cover the US should be included in the US filter.


Thanks Simon & Shaun for the feedback, I’ve passed this suggestion on. This feature’s still a work in progress and although I can’t promise anything, once we’ve finalised the categories we’ll be able to consider tweaks like this :wrench:


That would seem slightly misleading to me. If the stocks are filtered based on the market they are traded on then the ETFs should be the same

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The filters look like they work very well - superfast. Great being able to filter on ETF. But yes it does feel broken to add the ETF and US tags and not see eg VUSA.

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Oh that’s a good point, the ETF location is the location they are traded on rather than the market the ETF covers.

As an end user does it really matter to me which market they are traded on? I was hoping the location filter would be based on the location the ETF covers. Thus you could have a Japan filter which has any ETFs that have stocks that cover Japan. I suppose then the debate becomes do you include global ETFs in the Japanese filter?


It might matter if you are expecting that currency conversion would be involved.
It is a pretty pointless filter now (sorry :freetrade: ) but maybe adding the regional filter while indicating they’re all traded on the London exchange :woman_shrugging:

In which case a currency filter would be a better naming structure.

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Agreed, while I think it’s better to initially have the ETF’s categorised by exchange (i.e £= UK) so you can find the cheapest ones, it would be good to eventually have greater flexibility, especially when more ETF’s are added.

One way you could do it, you could filter on ETF’s, and then start a search for “$” to bring up any stock symbol starting with $ such as $QQQ. At the moment, it doesn’t look like you can filter and search at the same time.

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I’d change the Exchange Traded Fund label to ETF as most of the customers will know what it is.

Beyond that, at some point it might be worth hiding, or disabling labels that shouldn’t be selected together.


I think Trusts should be separated form Shares, and agree ETF rather than Exchange Traded Fund.

Filters work well. Agree that a separate one for the 30 odd listed trusts might be useful too

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So far working great for me - would suggest the following improvements:

  • Rename Exchange Traded Fund to ETF
  • New filter for Dividend paying stocks/ETFs
  • Currency Filter (£GBP/$US)
  • Slightly outside of this as its not a filter but would REALLY love the ability to search for shares within a price range
  • Ability to combine filters to refine the list further (removing options that would not be compatible as filters are selected)
  • ‘Recently added’ Filter (new stocks within the last 14 days for example - only show if there are results to display)
  • Industry Filters (technology/finance/retail etc… - appreciate this could get difficult to categorise but would be great to help in identifying options when looking to diversify)

Agree that a separate filter for investment trusts would be good

The message if you select 2 incompatible filters could be improved. Selecting US and Exchange Traded Fund says to suggest them and more are being added. Probably should actually say what the issue is adding them. Same message if you select US and U.K. at the same time

Keep it as Exchange Traded Fund, no point using acronyms that many won’t know


Works really well, thanks. This is a nice addition. Like others I’d really like to combine filters with a search, seems really weird and counter-intuitive that they don’t combine, particularly as the filter stays selected. This will become even more pressing when you have more filters.

It’d be nice to see a few industries/types of investment in your filter list too.

Still think you should just call it an ETF, not Exchange Traded Fund - no beginner knows what Exchange Traded Fund means anyway - it’s clear as mud, and you’d get as good results from googling ETF as Exchange Traded Fund, so expanding it doesn’t help. It would also mean you’d be able to fit Stocks on your default screen, which would be nice.


If a person does not know what an ETF is, how beneficial is it for them to expand the acronym? Not that these are common words you would encounter in a daily conversation :sweat_smile:

I am with TeamETF as it is aesthetically nicer to have UK/US/ETFs/Stocks situated without a need to scroll through them.


Everyone who’s comment is right of course that a lot of people still won’t know what an ETF is. But we want to avoid acronyms as much as possible because until you know what they stand for, you’re not sure whether it’s a term that you ‘should’ know or not. And acronyms are far too common in investing, they’re one of the things that make it seem so daunting when you’re just getting started.


In jest, I guess you could then build a case for “The United Kingdon / The United States / etc.”? :slight_smile:

I agree on avoiding acronyms like PE, PB, EPS, FCE, PEG and many more (which may one day become a part of Freetrade’s stock descriptions). However, ETF is just too common and many people associate it with “a bunch of stocks/bonds” anyway hence I would still be inclined towards keeping that particular one as an acronym.

Let alone the time it takes to type “exchange traded fund” to Google as opposed to just ETF - simple inconvenience with zero benefit