Filtering Stock

Not sure if you have this already but filtering stocks based on volume and market cap would be incredibly useful!

This is a great idea, filter by Market Cap and possibly Volume


Filtering stocks by sectors and geography would be useful too.

Related stocks, e.g., if you look for Vodafone, then BT, AT&T, Verizon, etc. should pop up, could be interesting too, and increase sector awareness.


A filter in the discover/search section where you can filter stocks such as dividends stocks, Energy only stocks e.g. Tesla, SSE, Insurance only stocks, Stocks without dividends, Stocks which are currently falling, Stocks which are currently gaining ect.


Basically group shares by country/market type/currency/etc …

The following search terms help narrow it down

  • ETF = ETFs
  • USD = US Securities
  • GBP = UK Securities

But having a UI element to control this would be better :slightly_smiling_face:


As more shares are added to the universe, this will be helpful. Currently I think having just a scroll list is okay but probably unmanageable and not very useful once there are > 1000 stocks.

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Maybe filtering stocks by industry type?

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On the Android App. Is there any way we could have an advance filter option on the discover section to allow us to select certain types of stocks based on filter criteria for example

Current stocks at a certain value.
Growth increase
Currency of the stock (USD, GBP etc)

Seems to take me ages to go through each stock at a time then to find out it cost too much.

Also maybe some stock indicators to show which stocks are doing well and which ain’t to help investors make a better decisions on investment.


Thanks for sharing these ideas, filters in the discover tab are ‘next up’ on the roadmap. We’ll keep you updated here :eyes:

I’ve moved your post here to keep all of the updates in once place. When we build features we’ll build them for iOS & Android at the same time :dancing_women:

:eyes: Sectors in Discover 🧱 🚌 💊

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Good to see Iv had an impact :laughing:

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It would be useful to be able searching stocks by sector/industry, as well as seeing the breakdown of stock sorted by this criteria on the insights page.