Stock by sector/industry- filtering and insights. [Duplicate marked for merging]

It would be useful to be able searching stocks by sector/industry, as well as seeing the breakdown of stock sorted by this criteria on the insights page.


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As the number of stocks grows scrolling through pages and pages of hundreds of stocks is quickly going to be come a turn off for people looking for new stocks unless they can quickly filter whatever it is they’re interested in.

I would like to see much more in-depth filtering available, starting with categories.

Something like this could work for tech stocks:

- Software
 - Cybersecurity
  - Fireeye (FEYE)
  - ZScaler (ZS)
- Hardware
 - Semiconductors
  - Micron (MU)
 - Devices
  - Dell (DELL)
 - Oil
  - Oil Company 1
 - Gold
  - Gold ETF 1
  - Gold ETF 2

Just a rough idea, but the gist is I think we need a way to really drill down into the category the stock/company belongs to. If a company belongs to multiple sectors, simple it appears under multiple categories.

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