Sectors in Discover 🧱 🚌 💊

We’re excited to start testing a new feature in the Discover tab. :bulb:

Sectors will feature stocks in different sectors (hence the snappy name) such as Tech, Fashion, Finance and Travel.

As we add more stocks and ETFs to our universe, we hope Sectors can help you find more stocks in areas you’re interested in, as well as highlighting a wider range of stocks in some industries you may not be as familiar with.

You’ll start to see Sectors in Discover following some testing we’re about to start.

Speaking of which, if you’d like to help us test this feature on Android & iOS, please add your details to the form below. It’s first come, first served – and thanks in advance! :pray:


Yesssss! This is huge!


This is awesome! Been hoping it would come in at some point. Will help to find new stocks for diversifying :smile:


Looks awesome. Can’t wait to test it out :smiley:

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Done, gimme gimme! Should be a nice one!

OOOOH, wonder how it will work. Based on categorisation from other sources, or defining own categorisation…
Also would some stocks be in multiple sectors… E.g a fintech being in finance AND tech?!?


It will be nice to have this also in the Insights tab, i.e. showing me the percentage I have invested in each sector.

To me fintechs should go in Finance, not in Tech, as you still primarily consume financial products/services from them, not tech.

It’s based on our categories at the moment.

They will but we’ve tried to avoid overlap as much as possible :twisted_rightwards_arrows:

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We’re working on this at the moment :muscle:


This is a good idea and will help navigating easier as for now it’s just one long list


Yes please, would love to help test this out!

When will you turn this on?

I just signed up, hope I’m not too late! Can we see a list of the currently proposed sectors?

Right now we have:

(in order of the number of stocks in each collection, ranging from 68 - 3)

  • :computer: Tech

  • :moneybag: Finance

  • :pizza: Food & drink

  • :pencil2: Consumer goods

  • :clapper: Entertainment

  • :ambulance: Health

  • :dress: Fashion

  • :fuelpump: Energy

  • :pick: Mining

  • :factory: Industrials

  • :building_construction: Construction

  • :airplane: Travel

  • :phone: Telco

  • :red_car: Cars

  • :house: Property

  • :droplet: Utilities

  • :woman_cook: :man_cook: Professional services


Who is in this category? :thinking:

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We’ve found a bug during the testing for the iOS app so we’ll need to release an app update before we switch this on for some people.

Edit - sorry, I should have been more precise there :see_no_evil:


Very interested particularly on Travel and Entertainment

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Did you consider Defence (War)? :fire:

Anything around Renewable Energy or a broad category for “Green” companies and ETFs?