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Let’s see what sectors/assets everyone is holding. I didn’t realise I was holding so much in finance stocks.

When fractionals are live I will buy a few ETFs. At the moment the ones I like are a bit :pound::chart_with_upwards_trend:


I don’t have bonds in my FT account as I already have bond allocation in my other portfolio - 60% equities, 35% bonds and 5% alternatives / commodities.

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That’s is a broad mix of sectors. Do you buy stocks in a sector where you are underweight or do you look for momentum in a particular sector?

Here you go.


I prefer dividend growth companies.

I also like Consumer staples and non-cyclical and durable companies, hence why you see a lot of Food & Drink and Consumer goods in my portfolio.


Wow that’s an impressive range of sectors too. Puts my 3 sectors to shame.

I started off picking 5 sectors and researching every company stock Freetrade had for each sector.

Told myself I’d stick to those sectors.

Broke my own rule and started researching other sectors…Now my two favourite sectors aren’t the original 5 I picked and told myself to stick to.


Only stock, no bond. Some 5-10% cash.

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Is one of them fashion? :joy:


ASOS and Nike.

Shan’t complain :wine_glass:


100% stocks: