Post your stock and/or sector distribution %

So just thought it’d be interesting if people post their stock distribution % if they have it available.

The sector distribution requires extra work in excel if you use ETF’s/Trusts as FT doesn’t account for their sector categorisation in our insights page. But it’s not too hard to create in excel and with a bit of scanning through Trustnet for the sector distributions. Happy to share my template if they’re interested.

But anyways here’s my sector distribution chart:

Screenshot 2021-03-12 at 17.58.22

Planning to increase my healthcare and financial exposure and reduce the heavy reliance on tech.

And here is my specific stock/share distributions:

Screenshot 2021-03-12 at 18.13.48

If you have the info available and are comfortable enough then share yours will be interesting to see people’s different strategies/distributions. :grinning:


We have some similar holdings. I recently sold TSLA as it was already being held through SMT EWI and VEVE.

I want to increase commodities and financials this year. Also if FT add SMGB then I can boost my exposure to semiconductor firms. In the meantime I’ve got small positions in AMD, NVID and ASML

The groupings are rough as I was using screenshotting an app to see weightings


100% tech over here so would make a boring chart :parachute:. What’re y’all using to make these charts?


Yeah I’m probably 80% tech if you drill into the holdings

I use an android app to track my portfolio and transactions. It’s called “My Stocks Portfolio & Widget” by Peeksoft. It’s alot better than Yahoo in my opinion


For a bit of variation this is my (not very diversified) uk share portfolio


You must be the only guy I know who has 0.5%in Tech

Tbf I have a second more passive more international portfolio. This is more of a value portfolio and there’s not that many great options in the uk for tech

Dunno how to make fancy charts and to split up the ETFs

But FreeTrade says;

95.8% ETFs
2.2% Industrials
2% Fashion.

Sticking religiously to a max of 5% out of ETFs there, woohoo?

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I just enter the data in excel into my spreadsheet and create the pie chart from that. Doing it for the specific stock holdings is super simple. Doing it for the sectors is a bit more effort cause you have to get the sector holdings from trustnet and then divide up you overall holding in each ETF by those sectors. I like visualising it like that though, FT insight doesn’t tell me much about my sectors as I clearly hold a lot in ETFs/Trusts.

Yea a lot of stuff I find can really fit multiple categories, like I have Square as financial but at the same time it’s tech, same with Tesla. Also the trust/etf categorisations not sure how trustnet decide what is consumer/financial/tech a lot of businesses fit multiple categories.

SQ is neither a financial stock nor a tech stock but a meme stock; my favourite kind of stock.

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