Collections in Discover (& register to test them) 🧺

The wait is almost over, you helped us pick which Collections you wanted us to add to the app and now we’re ready to start testing them on Android & iOS :boom:

Collections are bundles of stocks that match a theme. So if you have an interest in a certain sector of the market or you want to invest in companies that have particular characteristics, you’ll be able to find them easily here. And of course, we’ll have some fun with these too :wink:

Volunteer to help us test this new feature here -

So far the Collections in the app are:

  • “Tech titans” based on technology as a sector and over $100bn market cap
  • “Popular ETFS” based on the most held ETFs by # of users (top 12)
  • “Popular stocks” based on the most held stocks by # of users (top 12)

If you signed up to test this before 5.15pm then you should check your app now :eyes:

We’ll enable this for everyone else who registers tomorrow morning.


Got access already, everything works smoothly and flawlessly. I like the change of “Big Tech” to “Tech titans” and now await to see other sectors’ names too :slight_smile:


I like it, all works great for me, very useful.

My feedback:

I think the icons should be the same size as the standard list.
It would be nice for it to somehow give the full names of the stocks/ETFs.

We have enough testers for this feature now so I’ve closed the form. Hopefully the testing will go well and we’ll be able to launch this for everyone soon :crossed_fingers:

I added my details to the form yesterday (about 5:40) - im on android - should I be seeing this now?

Not yet, we’ll enable this for everyone who registered this morning :hourglass:


Signed up yesterday but not seeing these groupings in my discovery tab. Patience lol

Any update on this? :slight_smile:

Everyone who registered for the testing (& has v 1.0.3995 of the Android app or v 2.4.7 iOS), should now see the feature in the app :black_flag: :tada:

A couple of people submitted addresses that weren’t linked to Freetrade accounts so if you registered and you don’t see the Collections, please send me a message.


Can confirm! I’ve got it :slight_smile: :freetrade:

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How often is the popular stocks and etfs updated?

Should i see the stock price next to it?

I like the ones that are essentially charts. Interesting to see

The plan at the moment is to update the list each month.

Even if you’re one of the people who’s seeing prices next to each stock in the Discover tab, you won’t see them next to the stocks in Collections.

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Im part of this, and it looks excellent on initial viewing!

Just out of curiosity, what makes a stock “popular” under that collection? Is it how often it is bought/sold or how often it is viewed? Or all of the above?


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Here’s the definitions for the Collections -

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Apologies, totally overlooked that. Thanks for clarifying

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I agree - initial feedback is that the icons are too big and this leads to a feeling of wasted space… other than that looks and works great!

Looking good to me, cheers

I really like the idea behind collections and think they will be useful to new investors. I would like to see these developed further to include user defined collections based on search of stock attributes (EPS,market cap,P/E etc) …

I find that the relationship of the various UI components on the discover page is uncohesive. At first sight it is unclear to me whether the filters (UK/USA etc) apply to collections or not. I think it’s a case of trying to do too much on one page… It seems cluttered and I find the mix of vertical and horizontal scrolling sections a little problematic as it is not immediately apparent that collections or filters scroll horizontally.

My preference would be to have collections only (including user defined collections) on the discover page and the ability to enter a search page which would include the filters and individual stocks.

Sparklines :chart_with_upwards_trend: under the stocks would add more utility to the collections and give a little more sparkle to the app :grin:

Overall it is great to see progress in this area…