We're testing prices in Discover 🏷

If you’ve got the latest version of the Android (1.0.3701) some of you will now see the price of stocks, ETFs etc in the Discover tab :boom:

If you’re on iOS then download the new update (2.4.6) and we’ll be rolling out a slightly different version of this for you later in the week too :eyes:



We’re also displaying the change in the stock’s price as a % change for the current day in the Android app.

This is a test to help us see whether displaying more information here is useful so not everyone will see this change once they’ve updated the app.

We’ll take a look at the behaviour of each of the three groups of customers: the two who have a different version of the feature and the one group that doesn’t have it at all, to see whether this adds value.

Let us know your feedback here too!


Have noticed the price and the daily % change in the Android app. Find it’s useful to look and see what stocks/industries are doing well on a certain day. Know I could use something like Yahoo finance for this but great to have all information in one place at a glance


I think this is incredibly useful, especially when quickly comparing ETFs. I like seeing the % change, but I’m not sure what the sweet spot is time scale wise for that. Having just the day change seems a little short considering the efforts of the app to be for long term holding over trading.


I don’t use ‘Discover’ an awful lot, primarily because it’s not really a place to discover, it’s more ‘Find’ (the stock/etf you’ve already discovered).

However, in saying that, I really like the %age change being displayed.

Just don’t rely on my A/B data. :grinning:


That’s a very nice update. Good job guys. I like that a lot


Why do the droids always get the best stuff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Speaking of the new functionality, I do not quite support daily price change due to its relative irrelevance to decision-making, which also subconsciously encourages investors’ reaction to daily volatility. Would you consider a 12 months’ period instead? That way you could see more significant swings of plus or minus 50% in value, and then try and investigate the reasons and potentially deduce if a company is undervalued or too hyped and overvalued.

Alternatively, it would be nice if it was an option in settings, something like “what do you want that percentage under the price on the right-hand side of the Discovery tab to be? a) 1 day b) 1 week c) 1 month d) 6 months e) 1 year”.

That way, each user could set their own preference or even explore them all and then pick.


I think showing the day % change is meaningless at best, and actively harmful to users new to the stock market at worst.

The % change (by and in and of itself) can’t be used to make any sort of rational buy or sell decision, but including it will make users think it has some kind of use or meaning. Or else why would it be there?


Definitely keep the daily % change. Most users would expect to see this and without it people will simply look elsewhere for the info. Nice to have it as a one stop shop.


The daily % gives off a day trading vibe to me, which I get the feeling FT wants to avoid. Although probably well intentioned, I would avoid seeing the price change % in the discover tab. And keep the different periods on the stock detail screen.

Could maybe slow the app down as well as its continuously fetching the data.


The more information the better!

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It would be good to see the performance % gain or loss for different periods of time ie 1 day, 1 week, 6 months etc. Looking good though :grinning:

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I think it might encourage people to buy stocks based on the daily change, which is not ideal for long-term investors. It is certainly a useful feature, but it might be harmful for beginner investors.

I cannot see the current price or daily change being useful in discovering stocks of interest, but I would find a 3/6/12 month sparkline and associated % change useful in determining the direction of travel…

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Speaking of a sparkline, do you mean something like this?

If yes, I also find it quite interesting as it roughly indicates a stock’s volatility over a year’s period :slight_smile:


Damn, i cannot see the prices :frowning:

This is only for Android users for now. Should be rolled out to iOS soon :wink:

I am an Android user :slight_smile:

Oh, my bad then, unless you have not updated the app, it is better to ask the support in the app.

Yes, exactly that! I would find it useful as an initial indication. I would also like to see the sparklines on watchlists if the are ever implemented.

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I shall ask, deffo updated yesterday to the version you quoted.

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