Interactive Stock Graphs

Hey guys :wave:,

We’ve just enabled a new feature that allows our iOS beta group to get more insights and interact with our stock graphs. You can now scroll across the graph to see individual points for price, date and % movements :chart_with_upwards_trend:


Happy testing!


Hi @Jani - when is this planned to come to Android?


Now I’m absolutely crying I was only holiday for the introduction of the beta group :sob:

Nice addition.

I’d like to see this for the Portfolio graph as well.

Beyond that I’d like to click on a point in the graph and it shows that price, right now it requires you to tap, drag then hold otherwise it reverts to showing the latest price.


Looks good and works ok!

My only comment would be that it doesn’t work when you touch a point on the graph, you have to touch the graph and move it in any direction for it to work.

Is there any chance we could get it working on the point of touch? Perhaps by double tapping?

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Its a work in progress at the moment so shouldn’t be too long :slightly_smiling_face:

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Portfolio graph improvements are a work in progress as well :ok_hand:

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Are you going to fix graph anomalies around share splits e.g. HG capital looks like it lost over 80% value but it hasn’t, it was a share split.

I think that is pretty fundamental and should be a relatively straightforward fix.

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Great job, I’ve just tested it and it seems to work really well. It’s snappy and easy to use. I’m really excited for the day this comes to our portfolio ( I’m guessing it will at some point ). But you’ve done an awesome job on this update. Thank you, it’s super clean.

This is looking great. I’d also love to see it on the portfolio.

I have a weird glitch on my portfolio graph from last week (when your provider was down I think). Should I send that via in-app chat or is it the same for everyone?

This is a good step forward, recognise it is a work in progress, but really like it so far.


Getting there, nice touches being made.

There are some discrepancies with graph accuracy, see above for PD. It’s showing it down today when in fact it’s up ??


I know Freetrade do recommend to look elsewhere at official places for prices and graphs etc. but it is a bit worrying when it’s off as badly as that, especially as it’s supposed to be for first time traders. I wonder what the reason is for it.


This is awesome love it

Yeah this needs to be a priority fix. T212 and Robinhood (which we need to be aware of given the upcoming UK release) both have live and reliable data.


Not sure if this is the reason for the differences in your charts, but I’ve raised issues with 1D charts a few times with FT and been told that the % figure is based on difference to previous days closing price… whereas the graph is based on changes from the days opening price. In most cases these are similar… but I have had instances where the %age is shown as positive and the graph as negative…

Let’s hope the new investment platform introduces reliable realtime pricing …

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That makes sense, like you say this would be much better with real time pricing. I hope this is on the roadmap.


Ooh, I can’t wait until this comes to android! Will it now be possible when looking at US stocks to be able to easily see the rise in share price rather than the current method that shows the current value and is susceptible to exchange rates?

Would it also be possible for the graph to show at what point you bought or sold stock? Like a little green dot shows wherever you bought, and a red dot shows where you sold? Here’s a quick sketch (apologies it’s so bad, I did it on my phone!) untitled%20(1)


That’s a great idea, good job!

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I like the feature, however, it would be brilliant to emulate what you can do on google stocks on an iPhone (unsure if you can do it on android), where you can use two fingers to pick your own time frame.