[Feature Request 🔧] Show your buys & sells on the price graph

So I made this suggestion in the interactive stock charts thread, but some suggest to also post here.

Basically, I’d like the graph to show at what point you bought or sold stock. Like a little green dot shows wherever you bought, and a red dot shows where you sold. It will make is easier to see how well you investments have done over time, especially if you’ve regularly invested in a certain stock.

My rough doodle (I did it on my phone!) shows what im thinking of:

As I said in the other thread, great idea and really hope this gains some traction!

Good idea, Vanguard does it.

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this is a cracking idea.

I’d honestly love it if this got implemented. Such a great suggestion. If we could click on the dot’s too which takes us to the order in our Activity feed that would also be great. To see how many shares we purchased or sold and at what price.


yes yes would be soooooo useful i hope this is high on list to do for free trade

Since markets are unpredictable and one may be up 10% today and down 15% tomorrow because of an external event, here is a “low tech” solution from a self-made millionaire:

Lesson from him: be disciplined (and, like Buffett says, probably not wise to look at stock prices every day).

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Any update on this?


Just mentioned this in a feature recommendation chat! Hopefully this gets implemented sometime soon!

(It’s the only gripe I have so far with the app, which I’m really liking so far)

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I would like to be able to see some sort of indicator of what my average share price is for a stock on its price chart.

Say I bought 10 shares at £10 and 10 at £20 - on the price chart, there would be an icon at the £15 price point.

Ideally, I could then tap the icon to see more information, like the shares purchase price breakdown.

Alternatively, icons at all purchase prices, but that may get messy.

This wouldn’t let you see the average price but a good idea all the same

Ah, sorry, I did search but couldn’t find a similar post. Thanks for the link!

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Click on Portfolio then scroll down, it shows you the average price you’ve paid per share. My only gripe is that if it’s US stocks it shows the average share price converted into £’s as opposed to $'s which is useless for comparisons to current prices.

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The problem with the GBP display is a good reason why it is easier to see your average purchase price directly on a chart. It’s visually quick compared to the current way of figuring it out, with currency conversions or having to dive in to your purchase history.

It’s definitely a good idea, I would like to see it.

I have all my positions in a spreadsheet and it can work out average price paid in original currency so I can always tell at a glance.

Who is using FT charts anyway? Are there not much better charts available elsewhere (sorry FT) :slight_smile:

True! There are definitely better charts, like live ones. But still useful for a quick check-in :slight_smile: .

Please can we implement this function!!!

I think it would be nice to have vertical lines drawn on the main account value graph of the app which show where money has been deposited/withdrawn from the account. This should help show where rises are coming from equity value and visualise when topups/withdrawals have taken place

The lines could maybe be tagged with the value of the topup/withdrawal

I know the insights->portfolio performance graph kind of does the opposite but think it would be nice to have this even as an option to the main graph.