[Feature Request 🔧] Portfolio chart design

The chart seems to be a mix of Cash and Securities but I think I just want to see how the overall Securities are performing.

The total balance etc should maybe be in smaller text if it’s on Portfolio or on the Account Tab.

Unless I’m misreading the graph it suggests I’m down 37% because I tried the Cash Withdrawl :sweat_smile:

Important: @kenny’s Poll


Agree with this. It should say the total account balance including cash only in the account tab.

A few further points on the charts:
•Charts are currently all on a % basis, it would be good if you could toggle the axis between %/£’s - by pressing the Y axis.

•Personally I’d like more detail on the weekly ‘1W’ charts, it currently looks like it’s only showing the daily close. I’d like it to include intraday movements as well.

•It would be good to add the Y-axis label for the charts e.g. on ‘Max’ so you can see the years for the peaks/dips and the months on the ‘1Y’ chart.


To add to the above, “MAX” (chart time filter) should at least indicate where its starting point is. It is expected that Freetrade will not show as far as Yahoo, where you could see the stock prices since early 20th century, but would be nice to have at least a 5-10-years’ picture (or less if it is a new company).


When selecting the max period on charts, there’s currently no way to see what time period the chart covers. A horizontal scale of days / weeks / months / years would make it more understandable. The ability to select data points on the chart would be great too.


Hey @Tim1, I moved your request to an existing thread to keep all in one place. Hope it is ok with you :slight_smile:

Charts are why I’d like an iPad app. They’re not a source of info right now though. They’re just a visual clue.


As above.

  • Would be great to switch y axis between % and £/$. Something as simple as tapping on the chart?
  • Add y axis label, mainly for when viewing max timeline
  • same comments for portfolio chart and equity charts

At present the portfolio graph appears to be a chart of all time value in £ with that figure beside it.

This chart feels like it could work harder in future and no doubt Freetrade have plans to improve it. The main problem for me at the moment is it doesn’t show the growth of the investments but an absolute figure, so just adding lots of money makes the chart go up and to the right, not reflecting performance but money in. I wonder what users here on the forum would like to see for their portfolio? Choose a few options from the poll below, or add your idea if you don’t see it in the poll.

I’d ideally like to see something like: Invested £110 Value £220 Growth 100%

I dislike how HL do this because they show the growth in the particular stocks you happen to hold at that moment, which doesn’t reflect the portfolio overall. Has anyone else seen a chart that they really like for tracking their portfolio?

  • Stock Value £
  • Stock Value %
  • Cash Value £
  • All-time Growth % (Value)
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Growth % (Value)
  • All-time Profit % (Value - Cash Deposited)
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Profit % (Value - Cash Deposited)
  • Tracking Growth % against a benchmark index or benchmark growth rate.

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This feels like a big and common request, I amongst others have created threads and provided feedback.

So perhaps it’ll be better for Freetrade to post the official direction for this whilst they iterate on it, and then have some facility to gather additional feedback?

@saf what would you prefer to see here? Sorry if I missed your thread on this, I don’t remember seeing it. I have previously provided feedback, but wanted to know what others would like to see here.

I don’t see any harm in discussing it amongst ourselves, Freetrade will decide as they wish based on feedback, and their experience in the industry, but it may be useful to hear this from customers, and also I’m curious too if I’m just missing something or if others have ideas they’d like to see here.


Great idea. A bit similar to what @saf has proposed with a bit more to it.

I’d argue that Daily/Weekly/Monthly and All-time should be single options, just because it makes sense to have them all together.

Benchmark is also great, I have shared a screenshot recently on how WeBull app tracks your chosen benchmark against your portfolio

Really do not understand the purpose of showing the total value (with deposits taken into account). What is the starting point of it? If I deposit £1 and then £100 tomorrow, that is 10,000% growth immediately. Discounting deposits is the way to go. Toggling £/$ would also be great going forward, when the US stocks arrive.

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No worries, I don’t mean xyz thread should be shown over this. I’m always happy to have my threads merged into other ones if it helps.

So all I’m saying is I recall a few threads on this and the Portfolio tab and it seems like we’ll be splitting votes across them, which might mean it’s viewed as lower on the priority list ( if most votes matter most).

For now I can do the mental maths and get the data I need but long term practising my maths isn’t the aim :grin:

From what I’ve gathered on Intercom and here, this is something they are actively working on, which suggests a plan, so just hoping we get more details so we know the direction.

I’ve also voted on your poll - holding off on voting on this thread for now, as I have 1 or 0 votes left…

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I’ve moved this & the replies into Saf’s topic as there was reasonable amount of overlap between to two & it’ll help keep the votes + discussion in one place. Your poll is still a useful addition for this this discussion though in my opinion :grinning:


Hey Alex - I know you are all busy but when you get a moment it would be worth hearing what Freetrade’s official direction is on this.

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We have a few ideas in terms of what information it might be most useful for the graph to display. But we’ve not made the final decision yet so hearing everyone here’s expectations will be useful.

I’ll avoid influencing anyone’s feedback by sharing more details about what we’re considering because we may change our minds too anyway :sweat_smile:


Thanks, sorry I missed this post.

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I think it’s fine to show total value as a figure (not on the chart) as long as that’s not all we get, on its own it’s not very useful, and on a chart it seems odd and misleading, implying growth when there is none. You can vote for multiple options in the poll so I thought it good to split out a few things which could go together - I’d prefer to have 3-4 of the options shown ideally.


Here is something similar to what I would have liked to see as a chart:
Has all various time horizons, shows both growth and value, the latter at any point in time as you can navigate it. Seems very user-friendly.


That looks nice, I like the info bubble that could be disclosed by a tap on a point on the chart as well (would allow lots more info potentially without cluttering the default graph). My only worry would be whether it shows growth from investment, rather than absolute growth (including cash added).

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Cash added will inevitably be shown on the graph, it simply is not avoidable. But the percentage growth is the net value growth without cash.


  1. You invest £1000 in company A and it becomes £1200. 20% growth.
  2. Then you invest additional £1000 in company B. Your growth is no longer 20%, it diffused and is 10% now (you have £2000 in cash but the total growth was only £200, which is 10%).
  3. But now you have two growth sources - A and B, whereas A starts with a 20% growth headstart (in isolation to B) and B is a plain £1000 with a 0% growth yet.
  4. Wait a few years
  5. Your company A (which was worth £1200) grows further £600 -> £1800 now. That is 50% (in isolation); company B (worth £1000) grows £300 -> £1300 now. That is 30% (in isolation again).
  6. Your additional growth since the last cash deposit (which was in step 2) was from £2200 to £3100. This is 41%.
  7. But you very total growth (since your first investment) was from £2000 value to £3100 value was astonishing 55% or £1100 net.

Hope that makes sense. I seriously do not think you could avoid cash on the graph without committing a chart crime when showing the value.

BUT. If the chart only showed the profit (not your total holdings), that is very possible. In fact, it could show not only your current holdings’ net profit but closed (sold) positions (investments) as well. For example, my current holdings’ net is $1624 but the overall profit (including Netflix I foolishly sold!) is $2421, and the latter is reflected on the graph: