The Christmas List - Improved Portfolio Graph ✅

Today we (really are) releasing the improved Portfolio Graph, in version 2.0.1 of the app :tada:

It’s changed quite a lot & since there’s a few people here who like technical details, I figured I’d share how it works now:

  • The value is position value + total cash, this is now the same calculation as the number that has always appeared above the graph.
  • The historical portfolio graph data is hourly while the market is open, however the iOS app is calculating the current portfolio value “live” and it has been built so the app also injects that last data point into the graph so that the two always agree.
  • The earliest the history will start from is 17/10/2018 (when we implemented the feature in the back-end), so some of the earliest testers will lose the data from before then.

This should be a big improvement! But we know that the graph’s not at it’s full potential yet. In particular, we want to display the Money Weighted Rate of Return (this calculates the return on your investments where more weight is put upon returns of portfolio when you have more money invested in it, and less when you have less invested in it), for your portfolio instead & we’ll be adding timeframes for the graph, to help you make sense of this data in the meantime.

We’ll be sharing lots more updates here of course!

This means that we’re 80% of the way through the Christmas list too :boom:


It definitely looks more accurate now :grin:


I’m still running version 1.2.8?

Looking so much better!

One day there could also be a timeframe filter (1D/1W/1M/1Y/5Y/MAX) :slight_smile:


You should update that

I’m on board with this as I deposit into my account monthly, I always have a zoomed out graph so it can all fit within the y axis. Won’t stop me depositing though :grin: looks amazing btw!


This is the latest version showing on both TestFlight and the App Store?

I just downloaded 2.0.1 from the App Store

Maybe delete the app altogether and download again? :thinking:

I’ve stopped using testflight and downloaded the app store version instead to see these new features. Requires logging in again but otherwise pretty easy to switch.

Are you going to keep testflight up to date in future, should we keep testing that version?

No we’re not, please switch to the app in the App Store.

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Have done - now I see what I was missing!


Thanks. I’ll stay on the app store version.

Were the testflight builds just not very useful to you? Are you thinking of testing new features in other ways?

Looks like Freetrade will get the badge for “first fintech to make a list and tick everything off”

Just that last thing to go… :eyes:


Great to see this ticked off so soon, roll on US stocks, and then next April when I can try out the ISAs. Shaping up to be the perfect investment app, and you’re only just getting started…

Really pleased to hear about your plans for the graph too, that’s exciting, but even this small change makes it feel more useful as you can see the fluctuations of the market a lot more, and more accurate as it now matches the figure above it.


Any chance we can add a 3M, 6M & 1Y time period into the graphs. 1M to 5Y is a bit silly.


I’m sure I read somewhere that once you’d been investing on Freetrade for over a year the 1yr option would be available